Thursday, May 12, 2011

YouTube - Carrie Needs Coffee

YouTube - Carrie Needs Coffee

The Black Sheep Nation warmly
welcomes "the VOICE!" and creative
genius behind our fave-O-fave Molly
videos, the one and only CAR!

We can hardly wait for our next
coffee video, CAR, but don't feel
pressured. It's just that we can
hardly wait, and we have been waiting,
oh, when was the last one you made,
DUH, HINT, HINT! And we All could
use a little coffee and can hardly wait:
we're on the edge of our talons as it is!
C,mon, CAR, getchaSelf some joe and
pip-pip, let's have us another video.

No pressure. Thank you,
we are happy you have found us...

O.K. FINE! So we HAVE been kinda
publishing your videos here for a year
and maybe didn't exactly know who you
were to thank you, and for that we so
graciously would like to DEMAND MORE.

Yours Truly,

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