Monday, May 16, 2011

Houston, We Have A (NOT) Fledge!

Oh yeah, such a hurry! Here's the deal: they wants their 15 minutes (or 2,ooo hours) of fame and they thinks they's been robbed cuz of Carlos and Donna daring to "get a life" - EVEN going on vacation while they wuz all fuzzy in they's pantaloons, their mohawkZ, and all the adorable phases of widdle OwletHood...
C1 got filmed and watched. C2 got filmed, watched, and even featured on NBC News twice plus lots of other T.V. and media news coverage. In fact, each clutch EVEN got they's VERY OWN coffee table book, not to mention the one and only "Molly the Owl" book with its attendant fame, rave reviews, award finalist...
and let's not forget Austin's awesome DVD! Original songs, picnics, KOWL...what a summer 2010 was for Clutches 1 and 2...Wowed the entire nation, wowed the world, and spawned a new generation of owl boxes
and live cams in 2011...Vacadude's comics, a cookbook, I mean, they had it made in the shade!

So, what are we? C3's askin' themselves, chopped liver?
It's only NATURAL they're gonna stick around until they get all the same goods, not to mention songs, picnics, i mean, as a guinea pig i relate! Face it, MODS and MODDESSES (not to be confoozled with Modess, we is not goin' there!) but like i sez, they wants what's rightfully theirs and they wants what's not rightfully theirs and once the exact number of hours of footage has been given them, plus movie rights to their own screenplay written by Eric, and replicas of their gleaming faces on every product ever sold by Cafe Press, THEN and ONLY THEN will they even beGIN to entertain the remote possibility of fledging...
Theory 2: WESLEY'S REVENGE: COACHING THEM SILENTLY FROM BEHIND PALM FRONDS NEVER TO GO, NEVAH LEAVE, HE WHISPERS, NEVAH EVAH LET THEM DO TO YOU WHAT GOT DONE TO ME! So, hey, that's just one guinea pig's opinion...well, two theories but one opinion. What Say Ye?
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