Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo Caption Contest This Week!

Mother Molly - The Best of the Best

To celebrate mothers far and near and in our hearts,
here is a beautiful portrait of Molly and Max.

Now make it FUNNY!

What is Molly saying?    What is Max thinking?

Tell us!

Usual Rules:

1. Only 1 entry per MOD

2. Send your contest entries to

3. Deadline is NOON on Thursday, May 5th, PDT.
4. Put your username and PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST in the subject line of the email. Put the caption itself IN THE TEXT OF THE EMAIL.
5. You can't enter if you won the last caption or headline contest.

We also suggest that you proofread, spellcheck and examine your submissions for unwanted typonese. Our policy is to reproduce the submission exactly as written, in order to preserve the artistic purity of the work. 

Be there to celebrate the moms in your life! We don't mind if you enjoy other owl mothers, as long as you love Molly best!

Your friends at Molly Movie Night,

Kathy and Sylvia

SMALL PRINT:  Judging will be as usual, with one or two guest celebrity judges, plus Kathy and Sylvia. Here's a reminder of the SUPER DUPER FAIRNESS of the judging (thanks mostly to Sylvia because Kathy didn't really worry about anything NOT being fair). This is what happens. People send entries. A NAMELESS person compiles the list of captions without names attached. She sends the list of all submitted captions to Sylvia, Kathy, and guest judges. (Thank  you nameless helper MOD!) Separately, we each pick our top 7 favorites, rank them, and Sylvia tallies the rankings to determine top 4 choices overall. Then she sends them to Kathy to prepare for the poll. More than you ever wanted to know? Yep.  Just want to be sure you all know that you're getting your money's worth here at MMN!

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