Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eric's FIFTH Little Owlet

Having read every single book on Eric's bookshelves - TWICE ALREADY! - little
Callia Jamison has decided to dictate her own to Daddy: "FIVE LITTLE OWLETS."
Who is the Fifth Little Owlet? Why, Callia, of course, sporting beauty and brains
behind those baby blue eyes! Callia and Eric both want to thank all us MODS for
our love and support of their work and they promise to keep us up-to-date on when Callia's
featured on the next "Bachelorette" because she gonna be a real heartbreaker, that one!
Eric's next "day job" book gonna be a spectacular surprise (but ya didn't read that here.)

Who loves ya, Baby Callia?

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Molly Movie Night MODs Dream of Day at the Beach!

Are we telling the kids we are going on vacation…

nah, Carlos will check on them! (Emily from Gulfport)

With most of the country suffering under a massive heat wave, the Movie Night MODs responded with beach-ready captions when Kestra posted this week’s doctored screen shot. Congratulations to lurker MOD Emily from Gulfport for her winning escapist entry!

Other MODs inspired by dreams of sand and surf – and their captions – are:

McGee, you'd better put on a lot of sunscreen.

With all those white feathers, you'll definitely burn! (gizmomma)

Molly: Get the sunscreen and I will get the snacks.

McGee: Gee, I don't know where the sunsccreen is. Do we have some?

Molly: It's somewhere in this box. Just look for it.

McGee: Ok, Molly, you are the boss, sweet cheeks. (Jacquie Hill)

Who horked all this stuff? (LibLana)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Calling MK At the Hospital

{1SkatrPic July 26, 2011}
"Hospital, how may I help you?"
"Uh, I'm calling about my friend, to see how she is doing."
"And what is your friend's name?"
"Excuse me, could you spell that please?"
"Her last name please?"
"Uh, I dunno, exactly, kinda forgot to ask."
"So, you are not family?"
"No, I am family."
"But you don't know her last name? What is
your name, please?"
"Oh, sorry, ONE Skatr! Yeah, that's it."
"And what is your friend's last name?"
"I dunno."
"And you say you are family?"
"But you don't know her last name?"
"That would be correct."
"Well, how do you know her?"
"Molly who?"
"Molly the Owl."
"No, hoooo. But, not really, it's more like
DEET! DEET! DEET! Yeah, that's it. DEET."
"Who are you?"
"A MOD."
"Excuse me?"
"A MOD. That's how I know MK, she's one, too."
"This MK is a MOD?"
"Yes, ma'am. We ALL ARE."
"Who is?"
"Who is what?"
"No, we're all MODS. That's how we are family.
May I please speak to her now?"
"This Molly, may I have her last name?"
"Uh, mebbe Royal."
"Molly Royal?"
"Well, I don't know exactly."
"Is this Molly Royal part of your family?"
"Yes, through McGee."
"And who exactly is McGee?"
"Her husband, oh...well, they bond. I don't
know what they call it. He jumps her and used
to bring her a rabbit afterward - I can't watch it."
"And how do you all know our patient if you don't
even know her last name?"
"Through the owl box."
"The what?"
"Molly's owl box, ma'am, and the Stream, even though
we're kinda the black sheep. Nevah figured out why, either.
Not fair, really."
"Does this Molly know MK's last name?"
"Quite unlikely. Seriously, how many owls know all
us MODS' last names, I mean, with McGee jumpin'
all over her and NOT bringin' her a rabbit afterwards,
I seriously doubt there's gonna be a fourth clutch --"
"Ma'am? Miss? May I speak to MK_fromWA?"
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

For MK...

                    We saw this and thought of you. Your new heart...brought to you by LOVE. (Giving and Receiving Ritual by terns...residents of the Pacific NW)
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie Night MODs Try a Walk on the Wild Side

Heh heh heh. As soon as it's dark, I'm sneaking out for a tasty treat!

Kitti Carlyle

Last week’s screen shot of a seemingly sly Molly inspired a record 23 MODs to enter the Molly Movie Night caption contest, and brought out the racy in several MODs. Long-time MOD Kitti Carlyle won the poll with a reference to a race for goodies of a different type – we think!

Congratulations to all of last week’s finalists!

Any MOD up for a lil joke on my slumbering Leggs McGee? *wink* - gmarch53

I'VE GOT A SECRET - Karen Levinson

Look at him sleeping… guess I really tuckered him out! (snicker) - Gizmomma

Carrie Win's People's Choice AWARD!

Artgirl's sensitive rendering of our beloved Carrie won the People's Choice Award
at it's premiere during an exhibition at which it sold! Artgirl plans to write the buyer
with the painting's story...will yet another unwitting soul join the ranks of MOD?
SURE HOPE SO! Congratulations, Artgirl, keep up the beautiful work...!

{Painting of Carrie looking out the owlbox just before fledging, by Artgirl.}
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Year 'Round

I Will stay in S. California !!!!

Good GOLLLY, Miss Molly!

Thanks to Linda/Artgirl, we have a portrait of Molly after she ate a wabbit and...well,
to find out what happened next, you'd have to ask Molly, the wabbit, and Linda/Artgirl!
But how much detail do you really want? Seriously...

{Photo and Intel courtesy of Linda/Artgirl, whose gorgeous painting of Molly can be seen
if you ask real nice.}
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Molly Movie Night MODs Rise to the Challenge!

"Our House (is a very, very, very fine house, with two mice in the yard)"

Owl/Rock Song by M&M (title by KJBergy)

Last week Kestra and Sylvia threw out a brand new challenge: imagine a beautiful screen shot of Molly and McGee in the owlbox as a title to a work of art, literature, music, or screen. Molly Movie Night MODs issued a return challenge for the judges: take nineteen creative titles covering the whole spectrum of the arts down to four finalists.

Congratulations to winner KJ(Karin)Bergy and the other finalists!

'American Gowlthic', newly-found painting in the American Gothic series by Grant Woowld (Nashville_Ann)

"As the Owlbox Sways" - TV Soap Opera (Braveheart2665)

“Meet the Horkers!” - T.V. reality show (Nagg1979/Angela)

McGee Humming Molly to Sleep

Molly and McGee hangin' out...July 20, 2011
Is THIS our C4? If so, no complaints, ain't they sweet?!

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A Proposal for Melting MODS...

From time immemorial we have bandied about the idea of forming our very own MOD village...a place not just to annoy one another on the Stream, but full of cobblestone little streets where we can meet daily and annoy one another in person! And often! And when any of us, our families or animal companions are in need, we can all be there for one another. Again, in person...bearing hugs.

Well...we all know you like where you live.

But...just how much do you like it now that you are MELTING?

This is today, July whatEVAH, and we are lucky that Saturday we'll even see 71 degrees...oh sure,
they are predicting a 9.0+ earthquake, we have 3 ACTIVE volcanoes, tsunamis can roll in from the Pacific, and we have windstorms over 100 mph in the fall...but, right now as you are throwing your pathetic, melting MOD carcasses into the ice cream freezer at your closest much does any of that matter? SERIOUSLY.

And you would reside in a state already home to some of the craziest MODS amongst us
to welcome you! Think about it.

If your brain hasn't already melted.

(Was this wrong...posting our fall temps like this? Hope SO!)
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Monday, July 18, 2011


Eric Blehm's new babyboard book FOUR LITTLE OWLETS got rave reviews from 18-month-old Seamus, who visited Bellingham, WA today bringing the sun along with him...he LOVES his FOUR LITTLE OWLETS book and REALLY BIG BOOBIES (see close-up of his shirt.)

Way to go, Eric! For the book, not the really big boobies...
For your own copy of the book, visit
For the other thing, sorry we don't do that here: We have HIGH editorial standards to maintain. 

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Waiting on Molly

McGee waits, as other owls "fly around our area" according to Carlos.
Who Art They? The Kidlets? Intruders? Has Molly been cloned?
Perhaps when Pigs fly we will finally know the answers! Until then,
Stay tuned to LIVE from KOWL because every night brings more
questions and fewer answers in the continuing "Saga Of C4, To Be or Not To Be?"

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! have been at it again too - not bonding - sewing!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

M&M Together July 16, 2011

We are thrilled not to have a clue about what we are witnessing this July with Molly and McGee, and from the excitement and enthusiasm in Carlos's voice, his posting both to chat AND our stream, he sounds pretty smitten himself! 

"SURPRISE!" is the New Gift from our favorite (NOT SO!) "ordinary barn owls."

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Is it MOLLY?

Who WAS that "mystery owl" Thursday Night? If not Molly, then perhaps...
wHOOm, EGGactly?
Winner gets a free BOT!

Or, another post might ask: Did McGee shag another owl in Molly's Box?!
Carlos said the "mystery owl" did not fly straight INTO THE BOX,
whereas Molly does! OOOoooh, such Reality T.V. on YouMakeMeScream!

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Friday, July 15, 2011


quote from Molly's Owl Box Social Stream Friday July 15, 2011.

We have Newbies amongst us...remember when we were young?
"Is that a pet owl? Where can I buy one? How come it only has
one leg? What happened to the other leg? Can it fly? So, why is it just standing there?
Does it eat birdseed? Why is it swaying back and forth like that? I want one. Where
did that man get his?"

McGee and Molly Bond:

"Does Amazon carry them?"
"Yes, and when you buy the Box, they throw the owl in for free, although shipping
is $2 extra, but WORTH IT!"
PIES for your summer grilling pleasure!


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

McGee Reinvents Courtship!

Wow, what a show! Molly showed up on the top of the ladder (stage right) and McGee (after screaming from inside the box) came out and went into a fluff-feather hop-jump and to us it appeared he was chasing off an we asked Carlos (On the Stream, ya!) to please explain this to us and he did. Apparently, this is courtship! McGee in box, screaming for Molly who shows up, he comes out and does this Peacock of the Night Dance, she flew away and it was WILD! Never seen anything like it! It was nice to have Carlos on both Stream and Chat tonight with the wild shenanigans of love REKINDLED!
He is waiting for texts from Austin, who is spending his first night alone without Internet, missed why, but presuming at his new school in Sandy Eggo? So Carlos was waiting to hear from Austin and McGee was waiting to hear from Molly and ALL OF US WERE WAITING TO HEAR FROM CARLOS to find out what we were witnessing! Hope you were here, it was a crazy night.
Sweet Dreams and let's see what tomorrow brings: Ya think you know a barn owl and then ....?! Cool!
Please leave comments to correct anything we got wrong here and add what happened later because we are Gone To Bed! And thank you again, Carlos, for including both Stream and Chat tonight!
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We give up! Now McGee in the box waiting for Molly to bring him a treat? What the Owl Box coming to?
Would someone please expain in detail the baffling behavior of our Dynamic Duo? Thank you very much.
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Why Is That Owl Building a Nest?

Yup, Molly was scratching that gag-shag like a chicken in a cornfield! And at one point simply looked directly into the Owl Cam and smiled! For Real, y'all, we all saw it! It was The Smile of the Afterglow, normally reserved for post-bonding, but she must have just remembered last night's amour with McGee...we speculate she is now "with egg(s)" but who knows?!
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C2 Coffee Table Book REVIEWS ARE IN!

Raj Mahal: "AWESOME! Roomy, fun to run through, and enough heft in the box to really sink my chompers into it! Four Paws UP, WAY UP!"

TAJ MAHAL: "Raj, I couldn't have said it better myself; plenty of space to spread out even if you are popcorning INSIDE the box while I am taking my beauty nap, this is one amazing book, er, box!"

("Popcorning" is a term for guinea pigs who hop into the air with glee when super-happy, because they resemble.....)

This is a must-have for every guinea pig who has had to listen to "DEET! DEET! DEET!" SINCE C1! We canNOT recommend this book highly enough. Well done, Carlos and Eric, this is the best book box we have EVAH LIVED IN! Thank you for perfect editing, hitting our 'sweet spot' and providing mom a keepsake she will keep away from our long, sharp chompers but why does she cry looking at it? SERIOUSLY: We do not GET you owl people!"

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This book picks right up where C1 left off,  taking us both away and back home again at the same time! Deeply touching and beautifully edited: Carlos's photography raised to an entirely new level, 
bringing back to life memories so palpable your heart will break before Opening once more to the full depth and breadth - not only of our beloved owls - but of our own humanity and capacity to love them so.
A poignant tribute to Molly & McGee, the owlets four...and to those of us who embrace them as our very own: Journey with Ashzilla and Carrie from Molly's Owl Box to the Rainbow Bridge where little Jody has learned to fly, wearing her helmet-head in our dreams as Kelly taps tiny talons to "The Molly Bobble."

{Review by 1Skatr, Raj&Taj Mahal}
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meboylouie Joins Molly Movie Night Winner’s Circle!

(Molly whispers):

McGee, I think your legs are sexy.


The MMN crew gave MMN MODS free reign last week, inviting them to submit whatever caption this lovely recent screen shot of Molly and McGee hanging out in the owl box brought to mind. Past caption contests have proven that MMN Mods have a very finely honed sense of humor – and indeed, almost all of the captions submitted last week were designed to tickle the MOD funny bone. But when it came time to select their favoritecaption in the Molly Movie Night poll, most Movie Night viewers veered towards meboylouie’s “sweet with just the faintest hint of sexy” caption.

Congratulations, meboy, and welcome to the Molly Movie Night Winner’s Circle!

The other captions that made it to the poll last week are shown below:

No, I’m not knock-kneed. You’re just looking from an odd angle. (PapaCarl)

Molly ; " Not Tonight Leggs, my Feathers Itch ! "
McGee ; " Aw, Shucks, How about a bunny, Honey"? (Yeahhoorose)

We need to figure out how to turn the camera around so we can watch THEM! (Jenifero2000)

Congratulations to all!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wasn't That a Perfect Launch?

Contemplating SPACE, the final shuttle launch, and how it feels for the embers of new passion to have mellowed into the quiet pleasure of companionship...not to mention:
Molly, wouldn't you agree? Of Course you do!

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