Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween @ 11pm

Candles Chat Room

Two Autumn Poems

Dimpled globes of deepes orange, nest in leaves of green and brown.
Stretched as far as you can see; the setting sun a golden crown.
Gather in the harvest now, winter's soon to come along.
Pumpkins started months ago from seeds planted one by one.
Fed and watered carefully, and coddled by the summer sun.
Now they're ready to be chosen for a lantern or a pie.
What is sown is what is ours, when bare branches fill the sky.
Apples, pumpkins, falling leaves.
Cold winds blow, wear long sleeves.
Trick or treat, the witches fly.
Thanks for joys and pumpkin pie.
Trees on fire, then gone bare.
Hint of rainstorms in the air.
Count your blessings, stars of white.
Pale blue day, gold moon tonight.
Cheryl Gordon

Phoebe's first night with Egg

Egg # 1 Humm Humm

Moving Egg

Egg in Afternoon of day !!!

She Happy Camper Now!!!!

Phoene's 1st egg this time around

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Woo Hoo by Gardenpoet !!!

 Moon, half gold, half yellow and a sky like purple ink’
Guazy ghosts are out tonight while goblins grin and wink. 
Witches cackle as they ride on broomsticks o'er the trees. 
Hoot owls will be screeching as they hunt upon the breeze.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carlos & Donna Vacation...

Bye Bye Carrie, Have a GOOD LIFE & Thank You Ding! Ding! Ding!

Great Take Off Carrie 

Have Fun in the Wild Ding!!!

Passing Along a Little Information for MODs

Two things I want to share.

First, send me ONE fave screenshot from either clutch, w/title, username, clutch#. I'll make slideshow for all.

Second, Sactosylvia & I are hosting recorded Molly video & SS at our own ustream site. Friday nights, 6:30 to 9:30 PDT, Starts Friday Oct 22. Email to get the info.

Me: Movie night:

Finally, to my friends for life, MODs, let's try to remember that everyone has his or her own way of dealing with grief. Let's be gentle with one another, okay?

Heart, Kathy


Molly Owls new job ....

Molly-across-the-pond sent work of her new job ...

she looks quite the part in this lovely autumnal library display ... oh look, we have some Jane Hissy books at home, including 'HOOT'!

just have to keep very still in here, admits Molly ...

Photos by Andrea Duncan, with thanks xxxx