Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Happenings Overnight at the Owlbox!

5:22 am PDT After Carrie finally made it to the box  with a big fat rat (too heavy to carry, had to eat some first), and was beginning to enjoy it , Ashley showed up trying to steal her lunch money, and Carrie RAN out to the porch and put her wings up and started SCREAMING at her, and Ash flew off. "Got my big girl pants on NOW, sister!"

Other exciting events:

Good News (Carrie in Box!); Bad News (Camera Power Out!); Good News (Carlos Fixes Camera)


Carrie is Not Skilled at Smoothly Accepting Treats from Molly
Thunder and Lightening, Very, Very Frightening!
Carrie Thinks Hunting Wabbits Will Be Easy


  1. Hooray for Carrie! You tell that big Ashzilla who is boss of the box now!

  2. Carrie, about that rabbit under the box...ummm...not a good idea...really, trust me!