Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dear MODS,

As much as he annoys me by calling me "Hamster," - and make no mistake, he does, we have to give a Shout Out to Eric Blehm and his many new friends, furry and sterling, for the faithful AshleyVigil  held during her "NO FEAR" ADVENTURE...Eric gathered up all his new buddies, and I held Court Inside of his Owl Box (for Nation Rodentia: NO FEAR, if they can't see us, they can't EAT us!) and, together, we stood in Solidarity with bated breath in HOPE for our Pantalooney'd Paratrooper's swift, safe return.

VOILA! Now our baby girl is back, Carrie is OVERJOYED, and WE DANCIN' IN THE OWL BOX!
(Eric's Box, 'cause them puppets ain't gonna eat us!)

ERIC SO HAPPY HE ROLLING UP HIS SLEEVES and coming out with a new line of AWESOME
stuff for MODS to celebrate and honor both our Owlets, Molly & McGee!


Guinea Pig (that's RIGHT, BLEHM,GUINEA PIG! Intel) reports that rumors are flying like wild across the Social Stream and Chat rooms that when the cams go dark, Eric's site will too!? Lies, I tell ya's, all lies!

Surfer dude is comin' out with so much NEW, AWESOME stuff at The Picnic we might even take a moment from our food-snatchery to check out his new line of guinea pig booties, beanies with propellers, and guinea pig tails especially for our "Rat" Halloween costumes! Last year we went as opossums with tread marks across ourselves, but nobody thought our RoadKILL! outfits were amusing and we got lumps of coal instead of candy. Bummer. It's hard being a guinea pig on Halloween.

That why we invite you all to stop worrying and start Celebrating because the Blehmster just gettin' dis partay

EVEN BETTER:  if you still any have doubts or fears, problems in your marriage, your children are annoying you, your co-workers think you are crazy for being a MOD, or you don't know how to ask out that hot, new chick in your class, we are thrilled to announce our new "Just Ask Eric & YumYum" ADVICE COLUMN!

All questions will be personally (and confidentially) answered right here on the MOD Blog!
Please, dear friends, Lay your burdens down at askericandyumyum@gmail.com.
(It's a real email address!)
Ask us anything.  Specifically: Everything. In detail. Yeah, lots of detail...

Having both survived the Darkness following The Fledge of First Clutch, our practice will cater specifically

Because, let's face it MODS< OUR DAYS INSIDE THE OWL BOX ARE NUMBERED but we,
Eric & YumYum, are committed to you for life. (NOTE TO SELF: Hmmm, kinda like "committed for life."
Has a nice ring to it.)

Who loves ya, Baby?
YumYum loves ya!

P.S. YO! we saw you call him "eye candy" last night during that hormonal "who's HOT and who's NOT"
GirlFest on the Social Stream: TAKEN. But, alas, so is Hugh Laurie, and most of the candidates, so
CougarMODS, take a cold shower!
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  1. Yum-Yum,I'm so glad that you were part of the vigil being held in Ashley's honor last night. You may think that you are safe from all things that gobble little rodents like yourself while inside the model owl box. But I wouldn't be so sure Sir Yum-Yum. Be careful in the future (you never know what that guy who calls you "hamster" might do -- me thinks that perhaps you have annoyed him as much as he annoys you! -- something about biting his ear while you were on the hike??). And what is this "bated breath" stuff? I thought you were a vegetarian (even vegan)?? How can your breath smell like fish if you don't eat them??

    Everybody is psyched that Eric has some new and wonderful things up his sleeve. Wouldn't it be great if he creates some kind of UStream & Social Stream during the winter when Molly & McGee take a break from their mating rituals. All of the Cougar MODS would be SOOOOO very happy to see his bright shining face (or blegz for that matter). Of course, their water bills will take a spike because of the need for all those cold showers! Perhaps he could also show past videos of Molly, McGee, & the owlets, etc. like the Friday Night at the Movies from between the first & second clutch. Wouldn't that be cool?? The MODs need a fun way to keep in touch during the time that the Owl Box goes dark. Don't worry Carlos & Donna, we don't want to replace you - we understand your need for a vacation and want you back online just as soon as Molly & McGee resume their courtship next spring. [Aside to Carlos: before you leave town , please show Eric the ropes so he can show us fun videos, etc.]

    Message for Eric: Please consider doing some kind of UStream/Social Stream while the Owl Box is dark, OK? This is in addition to your website of course --- wouldn't want you to get bored with any extra time on your hands, ha ha. We love all your wares and wouldn't want to miss a thing!

    Once again Yum-Yum, thank you for your participation in the Ashley Vigil. I'm sure that she knew that there was a rodent (in spirit) calling her back home!

    Over & out. DommyDom & his Mom signing off!