Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Testing Wings, Next Day, Resting Wings

Ashley Checking Flaps for Solo Flight !!!

Simon Says

Hi MODS, something to remember me by, Ashley

Raj Mahal Dreams of Owls Flying

Guinea pigs can sleep and dream with their eyes open and we think Raj has been watching Ashzilla so closely he has begun to DOO and Guinea Pigs Flying (DOO&GPF, take THAT, Lexicon!)
...sigh...meanwhile, Raggy Rat has outDONE h'self from the other side of the Pond! Cheerio, well done!

We humble denizens of Nation Rodentia salute Raggy Rat's ongoing, aesthetically EPIC Tributes to all of us who endure-day after day, night after wretched night, make no mistake!- our MODs watch and make snide comments while the owlets stomp, hiss, dig into, talonize, rip, shred, throw around, stretch, and otherwise dismember our gentle brothers and sisters LIVE on cam!  Or, worse, let our corpses rot so badly that Molly finds it disgusting enough to remove them...with no memorial, no memory of our shortened lives!
'Tis a felony, we tell ya, a Felony of NATURE.

oh,  But we get it: "It's all about the Owls!"

Well: FINE! Raggy Rat's art is now about "The Rodents" and we are honored to be Rodential because we are so beautiful. (Please refer to following post and subsequent Raggy Rat posts to enjoy our magnificence as interpreted through the eyes and crafty fingers of a REAL Artiste!)

And remember, MODS< although even cavies have our "occasional" emotional outbursts,

YumYum, the gentle, the kind, the poet, the ... (EDITOR: "enough already!Geez.")


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for yum-yum !

For Evi, Upon the Loss of Her Dear Mom

Dear Evi,
We don't know whether or not you can see it, but we see in this sky the shape of a baby owlet FLYING ALOFT
(glowing face, eyes, and beak between gossomer wings of Cloud) and extend our deepest sympathy to you upon the loss of your beloved Mom. We have answered your previous posted comment, as well. For now, Evi, please know that - here, with all of your friends -   you are never alone, always loved, and Your Grieving Heart is being held with profound tenderness in the heavenly wings of Dudley, Kelly, and Jody.

{unedited photograph by 1SktrPie taken before Kelly and Jody passed.}
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really - rats again ?

honestly, please - must so many rats be consumed on this blog?
(handmade odd-sock rat)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Lil warm in San Marcos...

Sending Love to Our Suffering MODS

We MODs are all struggling to keep up with Joyful Jerri, Yvonne, and those amongst us who are suffering:
Feel not alone, for although we cannot be with you physically, we MODS are creating a circle of Love, Hope,
Prayers, and Friendship to keep you aloft. We know many of us suffer quietly and remain anonymous: some
of us know your names, but most of us do not. No worries: for we are all One now, and the quiet whoosh of
Barn Owl wings carry this Friendship to each and every one of us:  never despair, banish any loneliness you may feel, put your Happy Feet on beneath the sheets of your hospital bed and wiggle your toes to "The Molly Bobble" when no one is looking! Wiggle them when everyone is looking and hum it out loud if you can,
for we are, truly, ALL
Horks & Kisses!

"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love."
~Hubert H. Humphrey

{photo "Reflections in Lake Whatcom" by 1SkatrPie}
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Win ME!

Win a free copy of "Molly the Barn Owl" by naming the Barn Owl from the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Kentucky:
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Contest to "Name This Barn Owl"

Howdy, Howdy My MODS!

Molly's cousin in Raptor Rehabilitation in Kentucky needs a name! And Eric Blehm, author of "Molly the Owl" is hosting a contest with prizes for winners, including a copy of "Molly the Owl" and Fame which will be emblazoned across the night sky!
O.K. the night sky is just one guinea pig's dream of glory, but the Owl and The Contest ARE REAL, and Eric's got some cool new videos on his site plus lots, lots more...!

So, put on your favorite Molly song and submit your entry (as many as you want, no limits, no fees, no muss, no fuss and Eric will even wash your dishes)
to and win the coolest book EVER!
Tell Everybody and help support Barn Owl Rescue while having fun!

Who loves ya, Baby?
YumYum Loves Ya! HORKS & HISSES!

P.S. Our final installment of "Eric and Yum-Yum's Great Mountain Adventure" coming soon!
Find out whether or not Eric ever called me something more dignified than "Hamster" before our final
descent to sea level.  HINT: let's just say my "anger management" classes paid off and he has no
Blehmishes on his wee ears from...oh, this post is about the Contest! So, NAME THAT OWL!
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Wing Feathers !!!

Double-bubble - Bundle of Fluff

Where does on begin and the other end? These two are so cute. I will miss them when they fledge.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get Well Soon Jerri! We're thinking of you...


Owlets Treat Report Sep 21 / 22

I couldn't get in to the ustream website at all last night, so I'm amazed they got this information!

"ChocoMare for RodentiaNet–Despite OB1 down time, diligent RN Reporters got the story:   11:18 Molly rat; 3:06 McGee rat; 3:33 McGee mouse, 4:50 Molly rat; 5:39 McGee rat (OB1 down from 2:22a-5:17a)"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hiya MODS! Well, we finally made it up to base camp and what a trek it's been! My thighs
itch so bad from perching atop Eric's pack (he climbs like a mountain goat!) that I had to
apply Ladies' Anti Monkey Butt Powder to put an end to my chafing. (Note to self: ask
mom what SHE uses it for...)

Thing is, Eric invited me along so we could "bond" but he's been calling me "Hamster" the
entire time and now that he's built our fire, Blehmster is staring into it like a mystic in a
trance. (NOTE TO SELF: Must put an end to his self-introspection so he pays
attention to ME!)


Eric is startled. In a shaky voice, his reverie (politely) disturbed, he looks at me: "Hamster, wha the?!"

"Will you tell me a bedtime story? Mom always does."

"What? Why did you scream like that?"

"Oh, must be the Tourette's...a side effect of Ladies' Anti Monkey Butt Powder. Want some?"

"You're a sicko."

"Thanks, but we're supposed to be bonding, Blehm, so tell me what's on your mind. You've
been staring into that fire having Deep Thoughts. Spill 'em, surfer dude. You know I am a
philosophical little guinea pig and will treat them with respect." (NOTE TO SELF: good one!)

"As it got dark, remember my friend, retired ranger Alden Nash, pointing out an owl flying

"Oh, Bloody Hork, Blehm, the owls, AGAIN? Always about the owls...geez!"

"No, you're gonna like this, Hamster. It was likely a great horned owl considering where we
were, but it got me thinking about Molly and the OTHER books I have brewing in my mind
for The Owl's Realm series..."

"O.K. so we're still talking about owls here. Where's the part you said I'd like?"

"As I sat by the campfire I worked out the whole first book in my mind, and then began
writing it out in my journal last night. The story is about the great escape from the first
clutch. It is the story of the mouse that escaped from the owl box that night a few
months back...The little mouse, who had a family and a burrow, not far from the Royals,
has an amazing story in its own right, and begins the setting for the whole Owl's Realm
series, which is about balance in the world, community, Karma, and doing what's right,
even when nobody is watching. This little mouse's name is Moon Shadow, and his
adventure will knock your socks off...the title of the book will be: "Moon Shadow,
The Great Escape..."

The books to follow will tell the story of all the original four owlets' adventures in the
Owl's Realm...Max, Pattison, Austin, and Wesley...they will each be debuted in
Moon Shadow's story..."

"Blehm, you mean to tell me you also think the mouse that escaped is a hero? And it's
not all about the owls, but also we tender, courageous rodents who have paid the
ultimate sacrifice so that the owlets could grow up all strong and fly away? might be O.K. after all. How'd THAT happen?"

"During this sojourn away from computers and civilization, I got back in touch with
my creative side, and can't wait to share it with all the Molly fans...and all the readers
who have been so kind to read all my books."

(Wow! Surfer Dude is "deep" gets how awesome we rodents really are: Who Knew?)

"Hey, Eric?"

"What do you think, little Hamster?"

"I think we could become good friends. And, I am a guinea pig, not a hamster. I want to read
about Moon Shadow. Could he have guinea pig friends who are as brave as he is?"

"Thanks, Hamster, we'll see...O.K. we'll see."

"Hey, Blehmster, since you shared with me, can I share with you?"

"Sure, buddy, go ahead."

"Well, I've been getting in touch with my creative side, too. You know that Gershwin song,
'Summertime?' It's been running through my head now that the Carrie and Ashley are so
close to fledging. I changed the words a little but can I sing it to you, like, for Eric's lullaby?"

"Take it away, HamsterDude."

"O.K. my version goes a little something like this:

"Sum-mer - time----
an' the liv-in' is eas-y,
Little Owl-lets---
they's just waitin' to fly---
Oh yo momma's good lookin'
and yo Daddy's a hunter,
So squawk, little ba-bies,

One of these evenin's
You goin' to rise - up - singin'------
Then you'll spread yo' wings -
an' you'll take to the sky.

But till that evenin' ---
there's a noth-in can harm you -----
With Molly and McGee... Staaaan'din by."

"Eric, is that a tear in your eye?"

{Thank you Wyo, Kestra, and DommyDom'sMom}