Saturday, September 4, 2010

Owlet Treat Report Sep 3 / 4 and Interesting Happenings

From our friends in chat, another nice summary of last night's feasting:

"3 mice before 1am, McGee brought at least one (chat was paused);  molly mouse 2:35am; Molly rat 2:50am; Molly 4:30am big rodent; 5:17 McMoll big p-gopher"

Thanks whitedog!

Other interesting happenings:

  • Molly watches owlets squawk for a while, then goes in the box and pulls out (from where?) a heretofore unknown pantry half-rat, tries to re-gift
  • Ashley grabs half-rat, starts to work; Carrie squawks louder
  • Molly watches and waits outside, finally goes back in, takes the half-rat, tries to shred it but is beaked and poked by hungry owlets and leaves.
  • Molly brings in a mouse, Ashley inhales it. 
  • After more squawking, Molly goes back inside, pushes owlets out of the way, and shreds and "tenderizes" the half-rat; still no luck. Carrie squawking.
  • Finally says "Do I have to do everything around here?" Goes back inside, grabs half-rat, and starts shredding and eating and feeding a bit. This continues until enough of the half-rat is gone for it to be swallowed. I don't know who did it. 
Ouch, that hurts!
Can you do it Ashley?
Fine, I'll do it!

  • Molly has in-air "dog fight" with unknown smaller visiting owl and hangs out on top of the box for long time, watching.....

Have a great owl day!


  1. Kestra! Beautiful Job!!!!!!
    You're Such a SweetHeart!!!!!!!
    I'm sure Austin, Giggled, Thank You!!
    Lori G.

  2. Wonderful post, Kestra, we wonder if the "visiting" owl isn't Wesley who, upon hearing all the squawking, has regressed back into Owlet mode and is trying to re-gift her presence back to the Owl Box to be fed when Molly and McGee bring treats...any takers? Who was she?! What an EPIC
    Holiday kick-off last night at Molly's Owl Box:

  3. I think it is possible Yum Yum - silly Wesleigh. Hug your mom for me, okay?