Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For Evi, Upon the Loss of Her Dear Mom

Dear Evi,
We don't know whether or not you can see it, but we see in this sky the shape of a baby owlet FLYING ALOFT
(glowing face, eyes, and beak between gossomer wings of Cloud) and extend our deepest sympathy to you upon the loss of your beloved Mom. We have answered your previous posted comment, as well. For now, Evi, please know that - here, with all of your friends -   you are never alone, always loved, and Your Grieving Heart is being held with profound tenderness in the heavenly wings of Dudley, Kelly, and Jody.

{unedited photograph by 1SktrPie taken before Kelly and Jody passed.}
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  1. Oh my goodness. I just signed back in to look at this site and found this. I am soo in awe of this beautiful comment and photo. You guys are the best. I will be on the chat again very soon. It's been a long hard road. Thanks for walking with me. Evi