Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intrigue and Excitement at the Owlbox Sep 14 / 15

Out to the field for a report...

"ChocoMare for KOWL News-It was a night of intrigue as a Visiting Owl was escorted out of Royal Air Space by Molly. Let’s go to the videotape!  FF to 1:33:00"

The visiting owl incident can be seen at 1:33:35 to 1:34:25 on the recording.You can move the marker forward to the small blue line to get to the right spot. (Thanks salsa!)

KES:  What happened, Ms. Mare?**

ChocoMare:  Visitor flew over... landed on the perch.. molly chased.  [Visitor] flew back and landed on the roof.  molly came and and KAPOW'ed it right in the tail feathers!"

KES: Were the babies hissing at the unknown owl?

ChocoMare:  "They were silent as stones..." 

UNCONFIRMED:  It was also reported (by Lonestar, in chat) that there was an owl at and going into owl box that didn't seem to be Molly or McGee. This report has not yet been confirmed, as Carlos is reviewing the videotape at this hour. UPDATE: Carlos believes that the two owls were Molly & McGee, that Molly was going out to greet McGee when he landed on posing ledge, chased him off when she saw he didn't have a treat, then McGee gave Molly the kappow! on the top of the box because they were playing.  Watch and decide for yourself!

No news yet as to the cause of the OB2 outage. Stay tuned! UPDATE:OB2 up and running again.

**Note-this conversation actually took place between ChocoMare and the chatters. She has given her permission for the reports to be reproduced in this blog.

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