Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sending Love to Our Suffering MODS

We MODs are all struggling to keep up with Joyful Jerri, Yvonne, and those amongst us who are suffering:
Feel not alone, for although we cannot be with you physically, we MODS are creating a circle of Love, Hope,
Prayers, and Friendship to keep you aloft. We know many of us suffer quietly and remain anonymous: some
of us know your names, but most of us do not. No worries: for we are all One now, and the quiet whoosh of
Barn Owl wings carry this Friendship to each and every one of us:  never despair, banish any loneliness you may feel, put your Happy Feet on beneath the sheets of your hospital bed and wiggle your toes to "The Molly Bobble" when no one is looking! Wiggle them when everyone is looking and hum it out loud if you can,
for we are, truly, ALL
Horks & Kisses!

"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love."
~Hubert H. Humphrey

{photo "Reflections in Lake Whatcom" by 1SkatrPie}
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  1. Thank You SkatrPie and YumYum, that was so beautiful and precious. Next time I hear the Molly Bobble, I'll be thinking about you and all the MOD's as I normally do every day anyhow. Everyday I think about all of You and our Owls and Owlets. I hope that all of our MOD's get well soon and are back to their healthy selves once again.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I have been so sad lately and it felt good to read this. I will think of this post when I feel lonely, and I am thinking of all those MODS who need a hug and recovery. I will be thinking of all of you when owls have fledged, too!

  3. Love is the silken thread that binds us, so delicate yet never to be broken. We MODS are
    all for One and One for ALL! Yvonne, totally cracked me up last night that when Ash went
    out of ledge and we all panicked, YOU were the
    Voice of Reason from your hospital bed explaining
    branching and calming down OUR silly hearts!
    That is a moment Mom will never forget!

  4. Amazing photograph your mom took, Mr. Y. And she is a gentle and joyful soul. Thanks for sharing her with us! One such soul can affect many others; soothe, calm, encourage, inspire.

  5. I have been so despondent with the loss of my sweet little Mom who fought so hard to stay with us. I realize now, she was not fighting for her life but to spare us this incredible pain. The love and support of my MODS has been amazing. I even got an email from a long lost cousin who lives in Davis California and I couldn't help but smile knowing he lives in "Molly's state!" Thank you all so much and when I am able, I'll be back on chat. Love you all, Evi

  6. Dear Evi, please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your precious Mom...if it is any consolation, we hope the sharing of your grief with so many who truly love you and have experienced loss in our own lives will help to lessen the pain in your heart. Your mother sounds like a beautiful soul, one who will be missed, and we are creating a circle of prayerful love to keep you warm and soft and
    "tucked in our own hearts" during your sorrow.
    Please accept our deepest caring for you at this
    time: She is loved by all of us, as you always will be. Come back soon, please, not to pressure
    you, but just to keep from feeling alone, when you do. For we are all here...all for you!

  7. Yes Evi, I am sorry for your loss and I agree with Yum-Yum that she sounds amazing. I tried to stay away from the owls a bit since I knew they would fledge soon and it made me think of my sweet cat we lost last week, but Yum is right. All it did was make me sadder, and friends are like medicine for our hearts so here I am. Please come back soon when you are ready.

  8. My dear MOD friends,
    You all have touched my life in such a deep way that I cannot describe. I am so grateful for the love and friendship circling me from all of you. It truly was wonderful receiving your emails when I was in the hospital and could not chat with you. It gave me strength to go on knowing that you were all there for me.I know your prayers were the factor in getting me out of the hospital sooner and home again. Thank you Ramfroggie for the Reiki.God bless all of you and keep your troubles small. Love you all so much! Joyful Jerri