Friday, September 10, 2010

Update - Exciting Morning! Molly is in the box for the day

Update this morning! Very cool ... Cooper's hawk chase at dawn, babies hissing, biting Molly's legs, and Molly is in the box for the day!

"ChocoMare for KOWL News-In dramatic news, Molly came @5:55 w/gopher she ate on platform, then tried to enter owlbox with remains. Hisssssed away by A&C. Followed by Coopers Hawk that Molly waved off!"

Video footage of Molly's landing and hawk veer-off

More information about Cooper's Hawk:

Cooper's Hawk

This is the call of the hawk - had MODs asking, are there monkeys in San Marcos?

Cooper's Hawk calling

This is what it looks like:

Cooper's Hawks hunt in the daytime. Their food of choice is smaller birds, such as pigeons, and nestlings. Cooper's Hawk would not enter the owlbox during the day because it is dark, and the hawk doesn't know what could be inside. If the babies stay in the box during the day, the hawk won't go in and get them. If the babies are just at the door ledge, the hawk,with its very long legs and talons, might try (and be able to) grab one of the owlets. This is unlikely because the owlets' response to the Cooper's Hawk on the posing ledge was the loud, scary hissing, and backing up all the way to the back of the box. 

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  1. Holy Carp! And THIS is the night we go to bed early? Kestra, tell us more, we want details, details! Can you link us to video? This is