Sunday, September 5, 2010

Molly "Pays It Forward!"

Yo, Mods,

Who loves ya, baby? YumYum luvs ya. So, here's the deal. We of the Guinea Pig Nation have noticed a definite trend towards the "decadent" when it comes to desserts, birthdays, and MOD celebrations created purely for the fun (and aggravation) of
changing your avatars and describing your high caloric celebratory desserts in agonizing detail.

We have come up with a surefire way to indulge your MOD decadence without turning y'self into a heifer in the process:
Find the most decadent cafe/bakery in your town where also dwell therein homeless, poor brothers and sisters, known to
some as "street people."

Find one who does not appear to exhibit qualities of being a serial killer and politely ask if you can treat him/her to a cup of
coffee. Invite him/her in with you to order the most decadent Latte or whatever, AND - if you are among the $$$ well endowed - politely inquire what choice of freshly-baked decadence his/her heart desires to enjoy along with his/her beverage of choice. Say, "Order ANYTHING YOU LIKE - my treat," while pulling out payment to demonstrate this is not a trick.

This person will be surprised, confused, and perhaps suspicious, so kindly, sweetly reassure your new best friend that you are celebrating a special occasion, getting jiggy wid'it, and  feel inspired to "pay it forward" -  no strings attached,
you are simply too Happy to keep so much Happy to yourself and would this person mind sharing your joy?

To  further reassure and answer his/her silent: "why is a complete stranger showering me with
kindness instead of stepping on me and cursing at me?" proceed to do the following:

Cordially hand him/her your MOD card and smilingly say this:
"Compliments of Molly the Barn Owl."

It's win-win: you get a decadent dessert = O Calories and another soul's life has become better for knowing Molly!

Who loves ya, BABY?
YumYum loves ya, that's who!
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  1. I love this idea. Gonna do it! Thanks yumyum.

  2. Doing this will give your sparkly pink tennies wings to fly!

  3. awesome - i love it
    and il post a handmade piggie soon just for you xxxx

  4. Raggy Rat: GET OUT! How did you know we wanted you to make one? We LOVE your creations and think you should sell them through Eric's site along with his other goodies. Make a piggie for the world to see how wonderful cavies are through your Inspired Creativity: many gracious thanks!!!! WheeeeeK!