Thursday, September 9, 2010

Molly Pays It Forward AND Back!

Top o'the Morning, My MODS!

Do you know what one of our favorite expressions is here in the MOD Guinea Pig Nation? This comes from Mom's (non-Virtual) bff, Ann,
known to you on the SS as "DommyDomsMom" and it goes a little something like this:

"WOW! That was more fun than a flood in a fizzy factory!"

Remember an earlier Post about treating a total stranger to something extravagant and utterly decadent at a cafe or bakery (or place of your choosing, but Decadence a must!)...then handing your new friend a Molly Card and telling them "Compliments of Molly, the Most Famous Barn Owl in the World!" before departing
to do more random acts of kindness, courtesy of Molly?

Of course you remember! You's guys not Stupis (like some people...we know...and live with...)

It's just that I forgot to tell y'all that doing this IS "More Fun Than A Flood in a Fizzy Factory!"
Gives us pigaloodles Happy Feet every time!

What we did not know at the time is THIS:  Molly is SO congenial she not only "Pays It Forward" but the Most Famous Barn Owl in the World also "Pays It Back!" Yuppers! Get THIS:

Yesterday, mom was four-wheeling it around town on her walker when a perfect stranger standing in front of The Bagelry
inquired about her walker ( it has reflective tape, stickers, and all tricked out like her favorite mountain bike)
and turns out he is also disabled. Leaning against the Bellingham Herald newspaper stand was wearing her new friend out so he invited her into The Bagelry for lunch and coffee. Mom's such a (what Eric Blehm said recently while unveiling his new jewelry line) about java that Count Dracula could invite her into a coffin for coffee and she'd follow him eagerly, as long as he tells her a steamy, foamy latte awaits with her name!

(...but, I digress.)

They went in, she ordered a bowl of vegetarian soup, etc. and the stranger gently pulled the paper from her paw, kindly handed it to the cashier and said (FOR REAL) "It's on me. I'm paying it forward." TRUTH!

In ten bizillion million trillion years you will NEVER GUESS what they talked about over lunch: MOLLY,
who else?!

Before lunch ended, the gentleman (who said he was not from around there, which is easy to believe as Bellingham is not exactly overflowing with gentleman) bid her adieu, then added, "Next time I'm in town and see you on the street I expect you to be wearing Mouse Ears on your head!"

He then walked out and vanished! (personally, we think Molly Sent Him)

We love this story and had to share it with you because "Paying It Forward" gives us Happy Feet!
You want Happy Feet, too? Do something uncommonly kind and unexpected for someone you have never seen and will never see again, compliments of Molly!

Take your cards, MODS, and make our precious, struggling world a happier place, one card at a time, especially as we commemorate 9/11 and in our hearts realize we do have the power to heal our planet Earth, one kind Molly card at a time: WHAT I SAY?  "WE GOT DA POWA!" WheeeEEEEEK!!! MODS RULE.

P.S. Your favorite guinea pig in the whole wide world (also the most modest) has just returned from a magnificent backpacking trip with Your Favorite Bling, Eric Blehm, who invited me to join him atop his backpack. (only 'cause i such a wee little lad, don't weigh much, and he promised to stop calling me a hamster if we got to know one another better and bonded over campfire tales.)
For five days we trekked together upwards of 9,ooo vertical feet into the High Sierra on a Secret Mission
I can't tell you about...

~or can I?

Eric just took off for Washington, D.C. for a quiet, private 9/11 memorial reunion with the surviving members
of the courageous soldiers he wrote about in his recent bestseller, "The Only Thing Worth Dying For."
Since he is out of town at this auspicious time, maybe I will spill his secret because, although I am a kind and gentle cavy, the poor man is still calling me a Hamster and he simply Must Pay! note to Eric: GUINEA PIG,

Who loves ya, Baby? YumYum LOVES YA!
Hisses & Horks!
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