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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Funny Bunday!

                                                                     Laughin' inside the Box!
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This is Your Brain: on MOD!


As self-appointed Ambassador for all things Rodential, we guinea pigs bring Bright BunDay Greetings of Gratitude from the MOD Rodent Nation (R.I.P) to this weekend's heartfelt, whimsical tribute to each and every one of us who has (or is about to) unknowingly give up precious life so that your fuzzy, pantalooned RaptoSaurlets may thrive-&-jive to "The Bobblehead Song." Dee-dee-dum-dum, dee-dee, OH, right:

Your Avatar tribute has been duly inscribed into the annals of MOD literature on behalf of each unsuspecting creature captured in silent raptor talons, beheaded, torn apart, ripped, shredded, stomped on, hissed for, fought over, HISS-STOMPED and consumed before - before being -

(I need a moment...) Before being HORKED into Gag-Shag! (kleenex please)
Thank you for acknowledging The Circle of Life in which we all play a part:
Raturday Rocked & Fun-BunDay RULES!

On a Brighter Note: Mom's neurological brain-mapping results have stunned the international medical community so we share the above imagery with you  (keeping in mind the Confidentiality Clauze)
for she has ultimately been diagnosed with severe "Mental Owl Disorder"
- also called MOD -
how odd.

Herewith is posted a neurological image of 1Skatr's Brain on MOD.
(They also wrote in her medical records that although a brain is generally regarded as
"a terrible thing to waste" there are exceptions...) 

SO: Be afraid, Newbies: BE VERY AFRAID!
IF you have not yet "Walked Away From the Keyboard" it is already too late.
For lurkers contemplating their own TWITTER account,
you have been duly warned by the Board Of Medical Cavies: MOD can be wonderful for your health but literature is only now being published regarding the contraindications of MollyBrain:
Friendship, Love, and Community: tell NO ONE, tell EVERYONE. VOTE MOLLY!

Who loves ya, baby? YumYum loves ya!
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Sunday 6 AM Molly stays another day

Friday, August 27, 2010

Drying Her Nails, Going out on Friday Night!!!

Getting Ready For a Nap!!!

Ashley & Carrie Menu 26 / 27 Overnight

Grazi to "tresbian" in chat for this info: 

"Just The Factz Food Report: Molly at 11 with mouse for Ashley; McGee at 4:04 with mouse for Carrie and at 4:45 a gopher for both."

  • No word on whether there is food in the pantry - I can't see it. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cute Cute Cute

About Last Night: UStream Improvements on Comedy Central win Ratings!

Dear MODS, remember this page? Once known as the Social Stream? Watch it and Weep, for it gone NOW!
Taj gives a "One Tushie" review of the new format! But Raj and me, YumYum, we loves it!
Why we loves it? Because mom 'bout fell out of bed laughing all night long, that's why! Sure, we all worried, "When Molly coming back to feed them little pantalooney Velociraptors?!"  Of course we were nervous as seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours...So what made us Laugh? A little something like this:

"I've been gone, what happened?"
"Where's Molly? Why can't I log in?"
"Is Carrie going to eat Ashley?"
"My fb won't let me log in, I HATE THIS!"
"Is Molly ever coming back? What if she never comes back?"
"I had to start a TWEET account just to get in here now and I can't even open facebook anymore!"
"I have to go back to TWEET now every day and delete every single post, one by one, I HATE THIS?"
"Why do you have to go back and delete your TWEET posts?"
"BECAUSE...uh...I have to..."
"No you don't."
"I don't?"
"Let's make it "Donna Appreciation Day: everybody change avatars NOW!"
"What's an avatar?"
"Hey, MY avatar is only posting on the right! How do I get it on the left like the rest of you?"
"We see it on the left, you only see it on the right so YOU can see it?"
"Testing...can you see me?
"Testing...can you see me? Am I here? Am I on? Do you see me?"
"Why is that owl lying down? What's wrong with it?"
"It's just sleeping, it's fine, normal."
"I've been gone: OMG, why only two owlets? AND WHERE'S MOLLY? Testing, can you see me?"
"Carmy, we want YOUR Donna avatar!"
"It was made especially for me..."
"O.K. I'll tell you how to change your avatar..."
"HOW do I change my avatar? I hate this! And why is it still posting on the right?"
"Let's ALL do 'upside down' avatars next!"
"I can't get in through fb anymore, what do I do?"
"Where's Molly? Are the babies going to eat each other? Why is that one lying down? Does Carlos know?"
"McGee is turning into a deadbeat dad."
"No, he's not!"
"I can't log in, my fb crashed, now it says I can't log in. What happened?"
"Oh, look at those little pantaloons! Ashley is actually walking! Using her wings for balance!"
Group: "Awwwwwww...."
"Why is Molly gone so long? What if something happened to her?"
"She's fine, she can go because they ate a mouse."
"When? What mouse? DID I MISS IT?"
"My avatar won't change, I HATE THIS. Why is this happening?"
"Has anyone even seen McGee?"
"The stream keeps freezing on me!"
Skatr's Papa: "Would somebody FIX this d**m thing?"

Skatr finally falls out of bed, crying from laughing so hard. Her recovery is slow, this gave her a boost!
We give new, improved (by purple goaty, who now works for UStream) FOUR PAWS UP FOR MAKING MOM LAUGH and fall out of bed watching her favorite MODS doing their best "Who's
on First?" routine all together as one improv comedy! Who could've written such a KILLER script?
YumYum, Raj and Taj Mahal are OUT!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Molly Brings Food 8-25-10 / 11:15 pm

We Doth Protesteth the New Format of SS!

Geez, mom finally gets on the Social Stream for the first time and asked me to say (expletive deleted) and this is what she looks like now because of it! Thanks A LOT! If it ain't broken, don't fix it. What up, humans? Mom also said that in protest of the new format she refuses to have another seizure on it, she is that (expletive deleted) about it!
Humans! Honestly. Somebody gonna GET IT!
On the Sunny Side of Life: Did Carlos like his Avatar Celebration? We missed it...what he say? Please tell us!
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