Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mc Gee Mounts Molly!

Good Shot of Mc Gee 7-29-10 11:15 pm PDT

Fanny & Fiona: First 4 in Sequence

All in a row....stay tuned for the big finish! (Well, maybe not so big. I'm new at this!) Thanks MODs for your patience.


Boris Web Spider 7-29-10

Boris Web, Morning shot.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boris Web Spider 7-27-2010

Fanny & Fiona Taking Tea

Here They Come Again Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

I can't wait to see them hatch!!!

WIP - molly the barn owl number II

i shape the barn owl face with needle sculpting using strong thread ... can you see the shape appearing? the lovely dense fur I am using here looks like fine feathers ...

next, insert the glass eyes ...
it looks cute even jyst like this, with no beak!

and here is molly the barn owls face, complete with some shading ...

and wings are added too, with button joints ...

she is looking very cute already ... legs and feel next ....

Monday, July 26, 2010

work on the second molly owl ....

the head, and face with some hand sewn woollen fabric pieces ...

machine embroidery work added to the back of the head ...

hand applying the quilted tail to the body - a shot of the detail ...

I am enjoying this, and I only stabbed my finger once last night!
cat xxxx

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Introducing Fanny & Fiona

Just for fun, I am trying to make a little story of some common barn owlets, who really don't want to be common, if they can help it. Personal use only please (although I don't know what anyone would want to do with it-lol). More soon. KES

Saturday, July 24, 2010

getting ready to make a second molly ....

I am going to make a second soft sculpture molly ... i only make a few light sketches to get a feel of the shapes. it actually puts me in the mood for molly art work tho!

I am always amazed how drawing helps you see shapes better than just looking alone, although of course I watched a lot of molly footage LOL!

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Ode (of sorts) to AscherBard" by memedee

O voice of MODs, thou soul of Owlbox saga, Thou, through whose keyboard music sweet word sweet words live Do issue, in love to coil our hearts around... Melody gladly raised days in and out Then knit our hearts in giant gagshag crazy quilt That warms and softens gainst fledging tears.

The Breakfast Rat

July 23rd 2010
We have coffee, Molly eats Rats for breakfast!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have no idea how this works...but here I am - somewhere in MOD Blog land!
July 22, 2010 @ 9:00 AM
Molly looks out the door to see another nice day in San Marcos, California! Click HERE to see all the Screen Shots I have of Molly, Mc Gee, Max, Pattison, Austin, & Wesley.                                                     

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For my Molly-loving friends

A little offering...Molly in the Rose Garden.

BIG Spider on Camera lense

Molly in the news today

Signon San Diego
Today's Article on Molly's return (San Diego Paper)

Owl My Love ...

i was challenged to make a Molly Owl by an innocent victim of MOD ...

who like it so much she adopted it right away!

I regularly make soft sculpture and enjoyed the challenge of beautiful molly. I looked at a lot of screen-captures as well as some of the footage saved from the live cam ...

my Molly features German glass eyes, English mohair, felted woollen fabrics, machine and hand embroidery details ... Also, needle-felted beak and claws.

Yikes, I would not want to be that little mouse (also made by me)...

Number one Molly living in London .... I will share with you the Work-in-progress as i make another lovelt molly owl ...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Eggs laid and their hatch times, clutch 2 Ding!

Date Laid ___  Projected Hatch Date___Name
Egg 1 7/06/10 ____ 8/08/10 _______ No Name
Egg 2 7/08/10 ____ 8/10/10 _______ No Name
Egg 3 7/11/10 ____ 8/13/10 _______  No Name
Egg 4 7/14/10 ____ 8/16/10________No Name

As of today it has been 5 days since egg # 4 was laid.
There will probably be 4 owlets hatched. 

So. Africa cam

FYI: If you like critters, there is a site in So. Africa that shows watering holes that has a 24/7 feed. It is called Nkorho Pan, in the Sabi Sands Private Reserve near the Kruger National Park. The site is operated by the staff and visitors to the lodge there. This site has lions, wildebeasts and elephants and other wild animals. It has two sites, Nkorho and Elephant Plains, and one chat room. Guides monitor the sites and answer questions about the animals. You may have to wait for the critters to show but when they do it is pretty exciting. It has about a 7 hr time difference between there and the U.S. I've seen a couple other MODs there watching, too. I've seen some breath-taking critters there....

Carlos & Donna will broadcast Clutch 2 / NOT 24 hours a day Ding!

Donna and I have decided we will just spend our vacation this year in and around San Marcos/San Diego, a beautiful place, and broadcast The Owl Box “Molly’s Second Clutch.” We don’t plan to spend 24 hours a day like we did with the first clutch but you should get plenty of viewing time. Like they say, the first time is special.
I figured that Donna and I we spent over 2,500 hours broadcasting the first clutch. We are not complaining just letting you know it takes more than just plugging in the camera for you to see Molly and McGee. If it goes off the air, which it does, we might not be around to fix the problem right away. Just be patience we will get it back on the air when we return.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Don't be a fool stay cool !

A reminder to all my friends: Be careful out in the heat-drink plenty of water...take breaks...and have a cool summer !

This will be interesting

Thanks for setting this up Ralph. This will be interesting with so many posting.
The Lake Poway picnic should be a great time (how hot might it be there?)
Wish I lived closer, but I've put it on the calendar and WHOOOOo knows I just might head over to see my great MOD friends!
It's so super that folks are taking videos, pics of the Mod gatherings to share.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi MODs,So happy to be here,I will post new picture this weekend....Kathy (katydog)

Molly DVD

I just got my Molly DVD and it is GREAT! Austin condensed the entire experience into a wonderful 50-minute compilation. If you haven't ordered one, I strongly recommend it! I will be showing it at the Lake Poway picnic if it is shady enough to see the computer screen.
The Monowlpoly game will also be finished for the picnic and we will have a fine time playing the game, watching the DVD and having great fellowship.
Hope to see you there on the 25th!

It wasn't JUST the owls...

I, like many, had no idea when finding the Molly site of any expectations as what was to become a continuing adventure. I started while being a novice at my new computer. Computer experience prior had been for work and I had limited encounters with the outside Internet world. So, on a cold, wet day in March, I started twitter and was just lurking at sites. My first view was Molly and McGee "bonding" as the viewers reported. I had found the ss...and I watched the posts of 608 people. I lurked for a few minutes, interested in the owl family, then gained enough nerve to join the chatting. Stories circled my mind like wagons of the dangers of Internet exposure. I took my chances. Immediately, several posts welcomed me to the site...initials, cute ID's..all unknown. I couldn't tell ages, sex or locations of those writing, and they had no knowledge of me. I was accepted just as I question. I had no expectations of those people...but they shared a warm welcome to me on my isolated dreary winter day. I stayed for a short time but returned later as evening shuttered me inside my house. People actually remembered me...welcomed me again and others just posting. Always the polite responses, the welcomes, the helpfulness of others. The numbers grew that very evening...more each hour it seemed. I stayed on the site well into dawn and returned again a few hours later. The interactions of all these people from all over the world interested me. The owl watching contagious. I stayed in the site for the entire day and the next and the next. We had no idea to whom we were speaking day to day...but we grew, confident more each day. We shared jokes, laughs, emotions with each other..strangers we had no knowledge of..just their handles. We still had no expectations, no judgement of others..we all were accepted into this growing community of followers of owls. We returned day and night and we became acquaintances, our bond was the owl family at first. Our hearts beat as one many times through the days and nights. We logged on as soon as possible during the day or night. We nurtured each other, we supported each other, we shared fears and dreams for our owl family. Little by little we came to know each other through one line comments..not sharing much but humor we shared a good deal. We pushed aside our personal lives and developed another life..that of the owl watchers. I saw dawns and sunsets with my new new friends with whom I shared a bond yet, I had no idea if they were male or female or even names of many..I only knew handles. The kindnesses of strangers.

We became closer, telling small snippets of our lives. We were candle makers, nurses, jewelry makers, housewives, scientists, counselors...we came from different walks of life, different cities: New York, Oklahoma, Illnois, California, cities and towns, large and small across the U.S....and other countires: 17 countries with whom I spoke in one didn't matter...we accepted all.

Our amazing emotional bond grew..our language developed..our friendships developed and they continue on this adventure. We now know real names, we spend endless hours on the phone, on the computer, in each others lives. We fell in love, we disagree, we laugh, we support each other...we cry with each other..we have what a lot of families envy.... each other. It wasn't all about the owl family, although, that was our bond. The owls have grown now..moved out into the world and returned to that owl box to raise yet another family. It wasn't all about the was about us..the MODs. It was us that was us that became a was us that accepted each other without is us is still our adventure to this day...the owl watchers...and we simply wasn't just about the owls.

I thank you, all, for making my life more meaningful...for restoring to me what I had let go, what I had forgotten at times.....for reminding me human nature is not all bad...reminding me people do care..for making me laugh out loud...for your friendship ..for giving me back community, hope, nurture and love. It was about the owls..but it certainly was not JUST about the owls. I am so lucky to have found the owls...and you..and shared the adventure with all ...I am the lucky one...for I have grown because of life is richer now because of love has grown because of you....I thank you for sharing with me...the owls, the adventures, and the wasn't JUST about the owls...but it IS because of them. jc july 16,2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to post a blog....

First: You may need a tranquilizer of choice....just to keep you heart rate down...finding the directions may take a few hours or days.
#2: You really need to have a topic to write a blog...
#3: You need to have enough guts to have this blog posted...
#4: You may need remedial high school in order to be able to write complete sentences.
#5: When completed the blog...You must have good friends that will not criticise your blog which could throw you into depression.
#6: Don't wait until late into the evening in which to start your blog or finish your blog as you will then lie awake half the night fretting over such blog.
#7: Remember..this is supposed to be fun....

Lake Poway Picnic

The Molly DVD is on its way! It has shipped and I will show it at the Molly Picnic on July 25th at Lake Poway. Streaming isn't promised as Candles and I haven't quite figured it out.
See you there...Luz

Lake Poway Picnic July 25th 2010

Everybody is invited to the picnic /Sunday July 25th at Lake Poway (I will post link)
I will be there early 9:00 am to save the spot in section 8, at the top right side of the park. Time 12:00 to 3, 4, 5, 6:00 pm ? it is open till dusk which is 8:00 ish right now.
We will have the Mowlnopoly game ready.
There is a bait and tackle shop with covered patio 200 feet away from where we are.
They sell burgers and soda and rent the boats if you want to go out on the lake.
NO state fishing license is required, you just need to buy lake permit (which includes parking) if you want to fish on shore or in boat. I have fished there many times and caught trout and catfish, they do stock it. (will post link at bottom of post)
There are Restrooms 20 feet away from where we will be. (clean lake is closed at night).

Area 8
The view from this area is excellent. It is located at the upper-most point of the park, and is adjacent to handicap parking, the Lake Poway Trail head, and restrooms. A great location for small gatherings.

(1) The Lake charges $5.00 for non resident parking which I didn't know about. There's a lot down below that you can park in and ride up with on of us, Luz, Carin.
(2) There are NO BBQ'S allowed.
(3) They allow Beer & Wine + anything under 20% alcohol. (NO glass containers)
Here is the link (Link to Lake Poway click here)

If you have any questions send me an email

I will start first post with a Ding! Ding! Ding!