Monday, March 28, 2011

Falling Asleep

Owlluver101 caught this picture of this little guy, who was having trouble staying awake while waiting for oh so yummy micecicles! Is this little Dinky? Must have had a hard day.

Adorable Baby Sandhill Cranes in Florida

Two-headed adorableness!

"Mom, we will help get dinner"

"Hurry up, Sis"

"Found something"

"Race ya!!"

Gizmomma has shared with us these most adorable "colts" that hatched to Zelda and Ziggy:

"Happy Monday Everyone, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. While Mork and Mindy are still awaiting the arrival of their Sandhill Crane babies, and Mindy is still sitting on her nest and eggs, one of the other pairs of Sandhills by my office had their colts. Proud Mama and Papa are Zelda and Ziggy, and they are pleased to introduce you to their little ones, Zippy and Zazoo. It is raining like crazy and gusty. It was really hard to hold the camera in the rain, and at one point I almost turned into Mary Poppins when a gust of wind took my umbrella! However, I persevered, and even though the pictures are a little fuzzy, you can still see the cuteness of little Zippy and Zazoo."

Linda (Gizmomma)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Horks and One Legged Matty

"Please may we have some delicious treats tonight? We is very hungry little owlets."

One legged Matilda, and the Hork that Ate New York!!!

Sunday at Owliver and Owlivia's House

These guys are getting big. Nice and fluffy. Two are chatting in the back, one is taking a bath (preening), and the 4th one is passed out on the floor, a la Wesley!! Pretty cute.

A new owlet for Salt & Pepper at Nicasio School

Well, Ms. Pepper has a new baby. I haven't been able to get a picture of it yet; there seem to be workmen outside and she is hunkered down, perhaps not happy with the noise of lawn mowers. As soon as I can get a shot, will post. Congratulations, Pepper!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Face


{1SkatrPic, i think}
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"You Never Forget Your First Love"

Vacadude created this absolutely wonderful cartoon for everyone to enjoy! It really reflects the joy that we all have gotten from Molly, McGee, the owlets, Carlos, Donna and Austin.
Thank you Vacadude for all your hilarious cartoons, and this very sweet one.

Wings, bugs, and tushies, Oh, My!

oh! um Hewwo!

Wings!! (and if I see it correctly, tushies)

One of Syd's babies sees a bugaboo in the box and is oh, so curious.
Too bad they can't just catch all the bugs and sprinkle them on the next rat drop.

Mom Knows Best!

Memories of Molly...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Many Rodents in One Night?!


Choco Mare reported 24 treats last night, one alive...all dispatched...owlets now in food coma!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Deep Thoughts"


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Portrait: Which Owlet Am I?


Owllover101's precious portrait of one of the
Owlceanside Six stands alone, but we wonder...
Whooooo IS it? Just enter your nomination in
COMMENTS below to I.D. this darlin' because
Inquiring Minds Want to Know!
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Ever been mooned by an owlet?

Oh, baby, what a position! Love the new tail feathers, but do you have to moon us? We all think you are beautiful but prefer your little face.

Sports has Come to Owlceanside

Sydney's owlets have formed a 6-player horkball team. Here they are in a huddle,
planning their next play.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sing a Song of Owlets

"Sing a song of owlets, an owl box full of chicks,
Mom is in the palm tree thinking up some tricks.
When she comes this evening the babies will be starved,
Might she bring a bunny that needs to be carved?
Mel is in a tree outside, waiting for the dark,
Hoping there are lots of rodents in the nearby park.
He knows he’ll be hissed at, wonders if he’s hated,
But he does a bang-up job keeping them all sated.
Sydney’s in her glory today, getting some fresh air,
Hoping that tonight’s hunt will bring ample fare."
Photo by Owlluver101; lyrics by Kilkenny Cat.

First Day "Home Alone"

Oh, my goodness, our owlets are on their own for the first time. Looks like they are huddling together for comfort, probably dreaming of mom out looking for an extra special treat for them, maybe even a sumptuous bunny!! nom nom nom Babies deserve a special treat tonight.

Thanks to owlluver101 for this photo.

Sunday, March 20, 2011



PopiePie, courtesy of LoriG.
RajMahal, courtesy of YumYum.
Owl Box & photo courtesy of Lori G.
Conversation courtesy of eavesdropping.

Little Raj Mahal: "Popie, what up, Dog?!"
Popie: "Little Dude, you were supposed to bring the owls."
Raj: "Nuh-UH! YOU were supposed to!
Popie: "Nuh-UH, I was supposed to bring the gag-shag!"
Raj: "Nuh-UH, I was supposed to bring the gag-shag!"
Popie: "So, where IS it?"
Raj: "Ummm, maybe used it for litter in my cage? Wheek!"
Popie: "That's disgusting! Not to mention we'll never
get any owls now!"
Raj: "So, you go get more while I wait! And while you're
at it, how about some wheatgrass, celery, carrots, lettuce - "
Popie: "Hey, Little Dude, it's ABOUT THE OWL BOX! Not you."
Raj: "Always about me!"
Popie: "Nuh-UH!

And thus, our aspiring owl box owners and entrepeneurs have
not been able to attract owls to broadcast with advertisements
for dog biscuits, cavy cuddle cups (soft beds) and maybe an
arranged marriage for gentleman Popie.

We will keep you apprised of any new developments.

Thanks to Lori G. for this photograph and WE MISS YOU!
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"I'm Tellin' Ya, I HEARD Pips!"


Just because the world is falling apart does
not mean our favorite field correspondent,
Richard Engel is on vacation! No Way!
In Fact, he has excavated what he thinks may
actually be the largest barn owl egg in Libya...
And once that Pip-Hole big enough for him to
fit, he gonna squeeze in to get his hair done!
Desert Wind is merciless, merciless...

And that better NOT be Rachel Maddow!
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Owluver101 sensitively captures a quiet moment
in her beautiful portrait of contentment in the
heart of such a precious face!
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Teen-Age Angst: Even Owlets Aren't Immune...


Owluver101's touching portrait reveals the
uncertainty and doubt of that awkward In-Between Phase:
"no longer an owlet, yet not quite an owl" in a way
we can all relate to...who amongst us has not felt
tragically misunderstood just because we looked
a little bit different from everybody else?
Let's give our little changelings The Love as
they grow their fuzzy Mohawks, Pantalooned Leggings,
and talons so long they always seem to get in the way.
Owlets, we love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Updates on the Florida Wren Watch

Happy Saturday Everyone,

We have a breaking development in the wren watch. This morning, Mama Wren delighted us with eggie #3!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled. Here is their pretty picture. Mama kept coming in and out of the nest this afternoon while I was sitting on the patio, and she gave me a wee bit of a scolding at one point for sitting too close to the potted plant with the nest in it. She is a good Mama.

I am also on Sandhill Crane nest watch in a pond near my office. Thought you might like to see Mama Sandhill sitting on the nest. Wait until you see those little babies. They are called colts, and they are fuzzy little cutie pies that defy an appropriately cute description.

Stay tuned - I'll break into your regularly scheduled programming as updates become available. :)

Linda (Gizmomma)

Missoula Hawthorne Elementary Students Get A Bird’s-Eye View Of Owls - News Story - NBCMontana NBC Montana

Missoula Hawthorne Elementary Students Get A Bird’s-Eye View Of Owls - News Story - NBCMontana NBC Montana
PRESS^^^^ to see Dinky & Owlceanside Box in MONTANA! SQUEEEEeeeee!

HEE-HEE, we snitched this link from one of Kestra's Posts,



{Photo Courtesy of NBC Nightly News Weekend Edition}
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"The Kiss"


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Friday, March 18, 2011

Action in the Wren's Nest at Gizmomma's House

Papa looks around
Hey, you lookin' at me???

Mama looks around
Two eggs are laid
As you know, I have a pair of Carolina Wrens who have been building a nest in a potted plant on my patio. Actually, Papa has been building the nest for over a week, and he finally finished it a few days ago. It is my understanding that the male wren builds up to 12 nests and offers them to the female, and if she likes a nest and its location, she rebuilds it by adding soft cushiony things to line it with, and then they "get things underway".

I didn't see either Papa or Mama for a couple of days after he finished the nest, and was afraid that Mama didn't like the nest I could see in my potted plant. Then, last night when I came home, I saw Mama sitting in the nest. When I come home, the alarm chimes on the doors, and she gets scared and flies off. Well, when she flew off last night, I took a careful peek in the nest, but there were no eggs yet.

Tonight, when I got home, Mama flew out and I looked and there were 2 eggs!!!! I am so excited that we are going to have baby wrens. I very carefully took a picture without disturbing the nest, and the eggs are speckled and so sweet.

I hope you enjoy this little ride with me. I will keep you posted as we have new developments. Incubation time is 12-15 days, and the baby wrens leave the nest in 16-17 days. They made a nest in a potted corn plant on my patio 2 years ago, and successfully fledged 3 babies. It was so wonderful to watch them wriggle around and get bigger each day. When Mama and Papa would come with food, all you could see were 3 gaping orange beeks fighting for food.

So, now you are up to date on the wrens. Hope you like the photos.

Photos and text by Linda (Gizmomma)