Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Updates on the Florida Wren Watch

Happy Saturday Everyone,

We have a breaking development in the wren watch. This morning, Mama Wren delighted us with eggie #3!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled. Here is their pretty picture. Mama kept coming in and out of the nest this afternoon while I was sitting on the patio, and she gave me a wee bit of a scolding at one point for sitting too close to the potted plant with the nest in it. She is a good Mama.

I am also on Sandhill Crane nest watch in a pond near my office. Thought you might like to see Mama Sandhill sitting on the nest. Wait until you see those little babies. They are called colts, and they are fuzzy little cutie pies that defy an appropriately cute description.

Stay tuned - I'll break into your regularly scheduled programming as updates become available. :)

Linda (Gizmomma)

1 comment:

  1. You'd BETTER keep us updated! Once the colts
    are born can we have another name contest
    at Molly Movie Night? Please, please?