Saturday, March 5, 2011

Molly Special Monday Night 6 PM PST,

I will be doing a live Molly Special on Monday Night 6:00 PM PST, March 7, 2011. I wasn’t going to hook up the cameras but a male kestrel (Calvin) showed up. That’s right, after three years of calling it looks like Caleigh has finally attracted a mate. See ladies, there is always hope.

I have installed a camera outside of the kestrel box. I had always planned on putting a camera outside the kestrel box if a male showed up and since I was going to be running wires anyway, I decided while I was at it, I would reconnect the camera inside the Owl Box, which I did. We still don’t plan to broadcast because we will be leaving soon, but I thought at least I could give you, the Molly Fans, an update.

So tune in Monday Night at 6:00 PM PST (9:00 PM EST) for the Molly Special. It should be fun; I will be live with video, photos and music. And best of all you will find out how many eggs and/or owlets Molly and McGee have this time…their Third Clutch.

Carlos Royal
P.S. About half a dozen bluebirds checked out our backyard this morning as Spring has sprung with little green leaf buds bursting out on every tree. If you look closely at the bluebird house you will see a spiderweb in the entrance which we hope will not be there long.


  1. Our grateful thanks to Carlos for sharing this experience with us. I'm sure lots of us will be tuned in and very excited to see Calvin and maybe Molly with chicks.

  2. Carlos already knows how many eggs or owlets Molly and McGee have this time, but he's not spilling the beans until Monday night. AAARGH! That man is such a tease!