Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet "Calvin" Our Newest Editor-In-Pig!


Hey Y'all, what up? Well, we been
getting so busy putting out this
Blog for you's that we needed more
contributors, and Calvin comes to
us straight from the Farm Store where
he was abandoned recently at the age
of four. Guinea Pig life expectancy
is between 5-7 years, so the Farm
Store saved him 'specially for us!
To earn his hay and treats, Calvin
has been hired as Co-Editor of Mayhem
to assist me, Kilk, and all of our wonderful,
talented MOD contributors from getting
overwhelmed with the Growing-Like-Weeds
Owlets and the number of Owlboxes that
continues expanding throughout the SoCal
Region: WOOT-WOOT!

Who knew that when the cams went dark at Molly's
we would become busier than ever?! Our own Molly
hath spawned a UScream SENSATION!

Calvin also invites MODS to don Origami avatars
if you wish, to offer our heartfelt prayers for
all the guinea pigs and all survivors of the
ongoing crisis in Japan...our very own Lor-I-Kink
has provided Skatr with beautiful Origami Birds to
choose from (even though do ya think Skatr knows
how to change her avy? Heck, she keeps swiping the
screen to shoo away the flies in the owl box!)
Ain't no hope...Pappa! Lori, thank you, too!

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  1. Congrats to Skatr and her Guinea Pig family! Welcome new addition, Calvin! You will be so loved and live a wonderful life!

  2. Lashes, he confessed last night
    he always wanted to be a MOD!
    What are the odds? I mean,
    really?! Love to BabyMOD and you.