Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bird of Prayer


Thank you, Lori G, for sending us so many
beautiful origami birds to use as avatars
or simply to meditate upon. The world today
gives us pause to be Silent and reflect upon
what is truly valuable, what can never be taken
from us by earthquake, tsunami, nuclear explosion,
or pettiness: FRIENDS.

This Blog's official name given by Candles
when he began it as a service to all of us is:
"MODS: Friends for Life." That is what my origami
bird means to me tonight. What does yours mean to you?

Comments Welcome Always.

SkatrPiePartridge and 6 PartridgePiePiggies
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  1. Good one, Skatrpie

    LUV YOU Lori G

  2. "MODS: Friends for Life." No doubt.
    Luv younz too
    Lori G

  3. Love younz, too. Every last one o'ya's!

  4. Oh, my, that is so beautiful and touching. Many thanks to Lori G. for sending this. <3