Saturday, March 5, 2011

Updates from the Front and Back

Faithful Fans

This is Richard sending my message by homing pigeon. If you don’t get it…well, the pigeons got mixed up and we we’re not sure where they each started, but you can’t waste a good pigeon, so here goes.

We have a tally this week from the troops with an assessment of the supplies on hand . Owlettes in Nests 30, Eggs to Hatch 12. So far 52 eggs laid, 7 eggs have failed to hatch. That’s over 13% and we aren’t finished. We have failed to receive an accounting of chocolate eggs, and believe Fluffy is hiding them.

This week’s Owlbox updates includes tragedy as well as joy. Brace yourselves.

With heavy heart we report that Starr Ranch lost Owlette #7. The editor requires all those we mourn be named. She is to be known as Angel Owlette Starr.

Bonnie’s last 3 eggs failed to hatch. (our sympathies to the family), but we have 4 Wonderful Owlettes in that nest.

Owlivia has added the amazing Zippy!!! Owlette # 4 for her. Alas, she also has an egg that did not hatch. ((Hugs))

Lucy has added Darla and Alfalfa to her keep Spanky company, but seems to have skipped the hatching of egg# 3. Good work Lucy!! Sorry about that one that got missed. For heaven’s sake get rid of that snake/rat tail thing that’s climbing up the wall.

Pepper has added Eggs # 3, #4 and #5, cooking right along there with Salt. That’s it for now.

Keep your head down, your heart high and don’t let the gremlins in the house…and always wear a hat around homing pigeons.

Humbly, your Richard. Thanks for the bottle of shampoo.


  1. Thanks Ms. Rumsey for passing along Richard's news from the front (and back).

  2. Richard, OH! Be still my beating heart...
    YourSkatrPie, such a good reporter...
    May I call you Zippy?