Wednesday, March 9, 2011

News from the Unstreamed!!!

On International Women’s Day there is mischief afoot. Our ever vigilant reporter is forcibly confined and in fear for his life (oh, my Richard, do be careful) in a Luxury Hotel with only men. That’s right, to the embarrassment of our journalist abroad he is trapped in an expensive hotel with full room service and a bar but no women, while Evil Doers hold his credit card at the desk. No one has indicated what will happen if he can’t cover the bill.

Our source is humiliated but anxious to bring you the real news we have all been waiting for. That’s right Bernie and Bertha have an announcement!! Say What??

Who are Bertha and Bernie, you say?? Well that’s the point, isn’t it?? We have one photo smuggled out by carrier pigeon as he escaped from the kitchen.

As seen here, Bertha, ever vigilant for paparazzi, takes a moment to leeeaaaaan to the doorway and What is there beneath her??? EGGG!!!!! Fans, Bertha will not be seen directly on the internet; she will instead use her fabulous star connections and public relations professionals to quietly feed us information with proper regard for her personal privacy.

More later from Bertha's Boutique and Owlbox Extraordinaire.

This news we feel sure is from our own Richard Engel.

Ms. Rumsey, our foreign correspondent, has outdone herself once again with this excellent transmission!


  1. Not to mention my Richard's hair
    is perfectly coiffed...ready to
    be feather-ruffled with affection
    and - be STILL my beating heart! -
    Richard, you are Skatr's favorite Pie!

  2. (Blush)
    I am rather careful with my hair.
    Although I let the little mannequin head wear it at night you know.

  3. Stop making me laugh, I am up
    to my neck in pig poo and could
    just throw it all up in the air
    if I laugh so stop making me laugh!