Monday, January 31, 2011



Being guinea pig reporters,
we know only one rule: he who snatches the
treats, eats the treats!

We snatched Vacadude's cartoon
and when he finds out, we probably
gonna EAT IT!

Hopefully, John Atkinson (Vacadude)
will find forgery the highest level
of flattery!

Ya think? Don't nobody tell 'im!

Secret Reporter YumYum signing
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PRESS RED "OwlShotz" ABOVE HERE TO THE LEFT, there ya go!
And you will know more than Einstein!(or, at least, more than mom.)

Yo! Every day we see the same question both in the
chat rooms and the Social Stream:
"What is going ON?"
"Who is HOOO?"
"Which eggs will hatch when and where?"
"I am a rocket scientist building a spaceship to
Mars but even I cannot keep up with all the new
Owlboxes, the names of the owls, and where they
are located, much less the names of all the owlets
once the eggs start to hatch? And I am a GENIUS!"

Dear Genius,

We have just received a dispatch from Mars
with the following information which is
continually updated for brilliant brains
and the Stupis among us...(not that we have
any particular MODs in mom - OOPS! - in MIND,
when we say Stupis.)

Here's ALL THE INTEL that's fit to print!
Even mom kind of understands it.
O.K. not really. We try our best...

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Yum-Yum: ready for Spring Owl-a-Ganza!

Friday, January 28, 2011



Let's all welcome Callia Jamison Blehm, our newest MOD!
Congratulations Eric and we're hoping for a coffee
table book in about 18 years...for now, we would settle
for a nice spray mist of "baby smell after bath" because
there ain't no smell like the sweetness of Baby!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Name That Owl!!!

A. Julia Rabberts for "Pretty Girl"

This year's Oscar nominees for Best Supporting Owlctress are:

B. Lana Eggturner for "A Hork in the Dark"
C. Owllen Mirren for "Stop Biting the Feathers on the Back of My Head!"

D. Melba Malone for "In the Clutch"

F. Merowl Screech for "Eggs, Mice, and Videotape"
E. Lovey Dear for "The Wizard of Owls"

G. Candace Brooding for "Golden & Speckled-Brown Swan" 
H. Gwenyth Powltrow for the animated feature film "Vole Story"  How many of these lovely ladies do YOU recognize?




Weather report for Southern California is Owl eggs and
more owl eggs!

Weather report for beloved MODS living on the NE Coast
depicted here: uh...not so good.
We will DOSS: Dream of Snow Shovels. And Spring...

O.K. probably won't dream of snow shovels, really,
who are we kidding? Just don't lose electricity or
power, and get back to us when you've shoveled out
of your igloos!

Thanks to Kilkenny Cat for today's "Global Warming Report!"
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"Now how do I get all these under me?"

(Photo and caption courtesy of Kilkenny Cat,
who is STILL digging herself out of the snow:
if you really care, please send her a BIGGER
snow shovel!)
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carlos, love Molly & McGee and ALL the Kidz!

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Dear Carlos,

Happy Birthday and you are 68 years young, in all our MOD hearts today
as OUR knight in shining armour!

How many eggs are waiting to hatch this Spring?! 34 and counting...
What a gift you have bestowed to Barn Owls, MODS, and world peace.
MODS from across the globe became friends over Molly, McGee, and KOWL!

Our best wishes to the Ambassador of Good Will to All, that's YOU!

Love, Blessings, and Gratitude,
EVERYMOD+Barn Owls everywhere!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Funny Talking Animal Voiceovers BBC

O.K. Here's the deal: it's winter, people are cold, snow is falling,
the President is telling us about The State of the Union, and we guinea
pigs have HAD IT with all the BuzzKill bummer, watch THIS!
We dare you NOT to laugh!

Gotta do somethin' while all those eggs just lying there in their owl
boxes waitin' to hatch...ENJOY.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Only Thing Worth Dying For PS By Eric Blehm

PRESS ^ABOVE^ FOR ERIC'S NEW YouTube...^^^^(it's fun doing ^^^^this^^^^!)

Hi EveryMODy,

Want to give Eric a baby gift? His book just went into paperback with an additional
16 pages added! If we buy the book now, we GOT DA POWER to shoot it into "Best Seller"
orbit and stardom for our new BlehmDaddy! Let's DO THAT! We voted Molly as write-in
"Bird of the Year" in California, So let's give a warm welcome to BabyBlehm by
making her Daddy another Best Selling author. WOOT! WOOT!
(Plus, the book IS SERIOUSLY AWESOME!)

Eric sends us MANY GRACIOUS THANKS for all our well wishes & good vibes for
BabyBlehm and Family, promising pics to come, and - if we're really lucky -
she'll even tell Daddy her name! And he'll tell us.

O.K. He hasn't promised pictures but once his book gets BLASTED into Best-Seller
Steller Orbit, we MODS and OODS can negotiate a deal!

BabyBlehm and Mom will be home soon from the hospital and all are healthy and
happy, so: DING! DING! DING!

In addition, "Molly the Owl" is also now featured in one of the Pacific Northwest's
premiere independent bookstores, Village Books, in Bellingham! So, it's a NEW DAY
for the entire MOD Nation, thank you Eric, we ALL look forward to receiving our
coffee table books as soon as you have changed Baby's gagshag, just
toss it, O.K.? Lorien will thank you.



And now there are six! All total: LOTS AND LOTS! And more coming daily!
ARE WE HAPPY YET?! How we gonna fit everyMODy on one 'puter screen?
New term for the day (coined by---? forgot, please leave comment for credit!)
OOD=OwlObsessiveDisorder, we all Got IT!
Thank you, Kilkenny Cat, for this beautiful photo of a Happy Sydney dancing
her: "OMG! I did it AGAIN?! HappyDance!"
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Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Guinea Pig Nation celebrates the Octo-Owl, wondering how all eight hungry owlets
gonna fit in that little owl box with Mom, who will be broadcasting her own
"reality series" via UStream for those who have the stomach for more Gag than Shag.

We are sticking with Mel and Syd, who got the shag DOWN, baby!
And now that WE finally got two hottie Girlz in our own herd, we GET IT, Mel:
You got it GO-ING ON, BRO! WOOT! WOOT! An inspiration, truly heroic, EPIC, even!

We would like to know "Where the MODS are?" and how many owlboxes you can fit onto
one screen AT WORK without your boss finding out? Please submit your story, with
your name, screen name, and a photo to MOD Human Resources and know that nothing
you submit will be kept confidential. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you Kestra and SactoSylvia for another night of fun with Molly!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sydney and Mel and Egg #4- plus a hork

Thanks to "The Daily Hork" for these fabulous productions!
(Syd & Mel, thank you, too!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

YouTube - Sydney has her third egg

YouTube - Sydney has her third egg < PRESS HERE.

Guinea pigs don't cry. Guinea pigs don't cry. Guinea pigs don't cry.
MacNutPie, would you please hand me a tissue?
Guinea pigs don't cry...wipe, wipe.
And now there are three.

Thank you, The Daily Hork, for such a
heartfelt video. I did not cry.
Excuse me while I blow my nose.

Monday, January 17, 2011

YouTube - Mel and Sydney: Uh, oh...

YouTube - Mel and Sydney: Uh, oh... < PRESS HERE.

O! Ye MODS...May we bring good cheer? See, we guinea piggles have been enjoying
"The Mel and Sydney Comedy Hour" where eggs become soccer balls and Mel would rather watch
a fly on the wall or gaze longingly out her front door than sit on them. She looks upon her
eggs with bewilderment before walking around the box, poking her beak into cracks, eventually
settling back down upon one, two, perhaps even all three at once! Yet sitting brings perils of its own...MEL: The Peril of Mel!

And we ALL know what Mel wants: a big, yummy bite o'Canoodle Pie! We think when he goes hunting it's for Rodential-Viagra...because not a moment goes by when he isn't trying to make whoopie.

So, 3 Cheers to "The Daily Hork" for capturing the essence of our new Owls so brilliantly! We look forward to more Fun with Syd and Mel during "EggWatch - 2011!" And not a moment to lose, either - ya never know what those two might do next! (Oh, who are we kidding?) Of COURSE WE KNOW! "Waiter, would you please bring us another serving of fresh Canoodle Pie with mouth-watering Hork Chops to go?"

who loves ya, baby?

hee-hee: YOU KNOW!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For Owlbox Rookies

Owlbox Rookie Caution: You are welcome to the exciting realm of Barn Owl watching. We hope you stay a long time and return frequently. Be aware, your heart may be stolen a thousand times in a thousand different ways by human and owl alike. Be prepared to witness love in nature as you thought never possible. You may experience heights and depths of emotion you never knew existed. Finally, be prepared to let love go, as all things must, into the world. It is the Way of the Owl.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Owlet Lullaby (for Carrie and Ashley)

Found among the many well wishes and fond farewells posted in response to Carlos
letting us MODS know that he and Donna are going to fledge, too.