Monday, January 17, 2011

YouTube - Mel and Sydney: Uh, oh...

YouTube - Mel and Sydney: Uh, oh... < PRESS HERE.

O! Ye MODS...May we bring good cheer? See, we guinea piggles have been enjoying
"The Mel and Sydney Comedy Hour" where eggs become soccer balls and Mel would rather watch
a fly on the wall or gaze longingly out her front door than sit on them. She looks upon her
eggs with bewilderment before walking around the box, poking her beak into cracks, eventually
settling back down upon one, two, perhaps even all three at once! Yet sitting brings perils of its own...MEL: The Peril of Mel!

And we ALL know what Mel wants: a big, yummy bite o'Canoodle Pie! We think when he goes hunting it's for Rodential-Viagra...because not a moment goes by when he isn't trying to make whoopie.

So, 3 Cheers to "The Daily Hork" for capturing the essence of our new Owls so brilliantly! We look forward to more Fun with Syd and Mel during "EggWatch - 2011!" And not a moment to lose, either - ya never know what those two might do next! (Oh, who are we kidding?) Of COURSE WE KNOW! "Waiter, would you please bring us another serving of fresh Canoodle Pie with mouth-watering Hork Chops to go?"

who loves ya, baby?

hee-hee: YOU KNOW!

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