Saturday, November 27, 2010

Services for Mary B. Ellis

A Celebration of Life Service will be held on Friday December 3rd 2010 at 10:00 am

The church is The Guardian Angel Church, 9310 Dalehurst Rd, Santee, CA 92071 619-448-1213

Please wear Bright Colors, NO Black or DARK clothing was requested.
Here is a Link to the Church

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am grateful for aching feet, because it means I can stand.
I am grateful for weeds to pull, because it means I own land.
I am grateful for cats to feed, they give unconditional love.
I am grateful to clean my house, it shelters from rain above.
I am grateful for family and friends, for joy and strife.
I am grateful for laughter and tears, I am grateful for life.
I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Cheryl G



My name is Coconut and I am
the newest rescue here. My
friend and I are the first
girls and my name was given
lovingly and with deep
consideration by Kezia,
precious daughter of Kestra!

"Kind hearts are the garden,

Kind thoughts are the roots,

Kind words are the branches,

And kind deeds are the fruits."

~Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj

Thank you to every MOD (and we know there are many of you)
who has adopted a rescue animal and given hope and love to
a soul who once had none.

at PandaPig's Peace Sanctuary:
We love you, each and every one.

And to those who are grieving their recently
lost loved ones, we offer our deepest, heartfelt
sympathy and wrap you up warmly, holding you dear
in our little piggie hearts...



"WHEEeeeK!" and Coconut, too!
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Poems

Though things may change and loved ones leave, and time takes skills away,
There still are pleasures to be found in living day to day.
The summer sun, the autumn leaves, the birds that sing at dawn.
Good friends to laugh and talk with and remember when they're gone.
A box of chocolate, books to read, a giggly child, a rose.
The stars at night, the piney woods, a teddy bear, new clothes.
Our holidays can still be sweet, old ways blend with the new.
The future's there for us to share, and some dreams do come true.
Though things may change and loved ones leave, the past is ours to see.
And we'll be glad for what we had, and what is still to be.


For a glimpse into the lives of truly wild beings,
For laughter and suspense, for awe and delight.
For getting to know so many kinds of people,
For sharing joys and sorrows, and getting through the night.
For seeing nature's glory, for life and hope and love.
For all kinds of friends and all kinds of families
And dreams of splendid owls, soaring high above.

Cheryl Gordon

Friday, November 19, 2010

Who is this? Someone very cute !

a raggy rat owl perches on my apple tree ...

and guards my buttons ...

i use embroidery for the colours and textures ...

but who is it? one of molly's babies?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

so here, for you, is my third barn owl ...

a new barn owl has been born in my house ...

this one seems younger somehow than the others ...

i changed the way I did the eyes and I am very pleased with the effect. But who is it this time?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mary B. Ellis Will Be Missed by all of Us ♥

Mary B. Ellis
 Mary got hooked on Molly, Mc Gee, and the Owlets early during the first clutch, even when things didn't go the way we wanted she stayed with us as a inseparable group. We were all lucky to have Mary with us as she was witty and always had something good to add to the conversation each night. Mary loved the Owls so much, I hope she is able to visit with Kelly and Jody, I know she would like that very much.

Myself and MODS all over the world are sad to hear that we have lost one of our dearest friends. You will be added to our prayers.
Hugs forever Mary, Ralph 

If you would like to send a card.....
 Jay Ellis, 10015 Carreta Dr, Santee, CA 92071


Their First Night Back...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Owls Have Returned to the Box This Fine Sunday Night 11-13-10

Wow, Could there be a 3rd Clutch? Only time will tell,have seen several owls tonight, Molly for sure, I really can't say who all else showed up. I think in this picture the two inside the box are Molly & Mc Gee. When she went in it was like she owned the place, hardly touched the porch an her approach. They have been in there about 10 min as I write.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Dear MODS,

GUESS WHAT? After 40 days and 40 nights on Mt. Whatever in the High Sierras, the Dude FINALLY discovered his "inner guinea pig"
and on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, WILL DEBUT HIS NEW "Molly the Owl Books" website, only it will  feature stuff you MODS can all buy for ME, like fresh, organic hay (hand picked by the Blehmster hisself!) and soft cuddle-cups for apres-ski lounging, and, oooh! owl-shaped chew toys, and -


"NOT A HAMSTER, Blehm,  how many times we gotta go over this --??"



"Molly the Owl Books" is for MODS, not guinea pigs."

"excuse  you?"

"MODS, Not guinea pigs...thought we talked about that..."


"Not just about owls, it's for our MODS, man,  I love my MODS and the site will offer unique
Molly the Owl keepsakes, gifts, books, jewelry, puppets, T-shirts, mugs, key-chain ornaments, and
lots, lots more! Even an exciting new book series about the owlets after they fledge,  entitled ---"


"This is a good thing: the MODS all miss Molly and and we all  miss each other,
this is my way of helping us all stay together, you know? Friends For Life! This site is what's known as
(pause for angelic trumpets blowing from On High, exact  GPS location unknown, just UP There



"Ya, dude? You'll LOVE the site, it's going to be INCREDIBLE! There will be way more than owls, even
 little animals, like you! We're going to have - "



"You see my Magic Flying Snowboard that I was so happy riding a few minutes ago?"

"Yeah, kinda strange color, but pretty cool that it flies, in fact --"

?!@#$%**!! (oooooooH! NOT PRETTY....ewwwwwooooH!)
Hamster not good aviator.

Fortunately, New York Times bestselling author Eric Blehm was wearing his Happy Mountain Hat with its Magical Blue Protective-Shield thingy and YumYum landed safely in his waiting arms and they all lived happily ever after.

or DID THEY?...stay tuned! And don't be surprised if  BlehmsterDude joins us Friday for Molly Movie Night since he has generously donated special surprise Molly goodies from his Magical Owl Box
to reward winners of our Molly Movie Trivia Contests!
{Only guinea pigs may apply.}


!@??###*?! (ewwwwww!)
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Another Autumn Poem

Scarlet leaves, a peach-red sky,
Summer breeze whispers goodbye.
Cooler evenings, shorter days,
No more lazy summer ways.
Orange pumpkins, yellow corn,
Hills, like sheep, now bare and shorn.
Apples crisp as cold night air,
Signs of autumn everywhere.
Honking geese fly be in vees,
Brown leaves flutter from the trees.
Huge and ivory harvest moon,
Rainy days will be here soon.
Wondrous autumn, changling child,
Stormy now, then soft and mild.
What magic moments we may find
When we leave tranquil days behind.
Beyond the tangerine-hued dawn,
Autumn's bounty marches on.

Cheryl Gordon

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new owl creation ....

my barn owl was admired way back when my artwey exhibition was on ... and i have agreed to make another for a Christmas present ...

i love doing the embroidery and using glittery thread for a bit of sparkle ...

but who is this new barn owl, that is appearing ?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winning Caption was from Tricia Young

Ashley Carrie Carlos.jpg
Carl Partridge
Remember the moments that took your breath away
Tammy Dunn (Ctamgo)
Pssst..the top of his head looks just like Little Sis Jody’s helmet head when she was hatching.
Carol Ditkof (cjvd23)
Cary and Ashley:  Hey there Carlos - you seem to think you what we are up to in here but if you only had a clue what was really happening!!!!!  You may think we are talking to each other about the next time mom will be here and what dad is bringing for dinner but we are actually talking about all the people who are watching us and telling us how cute we are!!!!!
Tricia Young
Gee Ash, someone really preened him a little tooo much don't cha think?
A Penny For Your Thoughts
DeeAnn Matson
I wonder if they can hear him???
Linda (Braveheart)
Cary: Ashley did you hork up Carlos or was it me ?
Christine Peters (kilkenny_cat)
Oh, Ashley, I think you're right; he's wearing Donna's shirt again.
Hey Ashley, do you think he will get me some coffee, coffee, cooofffeee?"
John Herrick (John_StPete_Fla)
Where is his cute fuzzy head like ours?
Jennifer O’Hara (jennifer02000)
Hey Sis, did you just hear that guy mention our names? 
Colleen Guetti (CollovesMolly)
"Aww, Ashley...I thought he was making that coffee for ME!"
Grace Cangialosi (gracecan)
Carlos, those pj bottoms you think you're hiding fit right in with our gag shag & are causing what's left of our fuzzy scalp hair to stand straight up in shock!!
Judy (sunza)
Carlos, thos pj bottoms you think you’re hiding fit right in with our gag shag and are causing what’s left of our fuzzy scalp hair to stand straight up in shock!!
Jennifer Olds (ohiocrazycatlady)
Carrie, that weird guy is in our box again. I hope he is going to do the deet, deet, deet thing. Ashley, do you think he would get me some coffee?
Ashley: When was that dropped off ??  
 Carrie: “Ewww … It’s still alive !!”
 Ashley:  “Furless ratzilla??   I got dibbs  …………  kill it for me Carrie !”
Kezia Stansbury
Carlos: Blah Blah Molly McGee Blah Blah
Ashley: What's he screeching?
Carrie: It's definitely not Molly language.
  Ann Richards
Ashley: "He sure has a funny accent when he says 'deet, deet, deet!
Suzanne Rumsey
Ashley, my coffee, where’d you get my coffee, cause I’m seeing things. I don’t like it. Ashley. Is cafĂ© press a planet? Have we left the solar system? Is that an alien? Oh,  Ashley
JoEllen LaPrade
Carrie, do you suppose Cafe Press has a shirt like that in our size
Linda Brenizer (Hrbrenizer)
Carrie, we are COD's (Carlos Obsessive Disorder). We cannot stop watching Carlos!
There he goes again Ashley, He's talking about leaving us and going on a longgggg trip on his BIG BUS."
"That's ok Carrie, Mr. Royal doesn't know that we already have a hiding place on his BIG BUS when he leaves, hahahahaha"!!
OMG, Ashzilla, is that FOOD?
Nanci Maxim
You know Carrie, we need to get a satellite dish. We are only getting one channel with cable and I am really getting tired of listening to this guy.
Deb Hufnagle
Geez, Carrie, what did you eat to make a hork in a Hawaiian shirt?

Sylvia and I each selected our 7 favorites. We compared notes and chose the 4 entries that we had both put on our favorites list. Then the MODs at Molly Movie Night voted during the show for their favorite.  
A. Gee, Ash, someone really preened him a little tooo much don't cha think?
B. I wonder if they can hear him???
C. Remember the moments that took your breath away.
D. Geez, Carrie, what did you eat to make a hork in a Hawaiian shirt?
Winner: A, 19 votes; B, 3 votes; C, 4 votes; D, 13 votes