Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mary B. Ellis Will Be Missed by all of Us ♥

Mary B. Ellis
 Mary got hooked on Molly, Mc Gee, and the Owlets early during the first clutch, even when things didn't go the way we wanted she stayed with us as a inseparable group. We were all lucky to have Mary with us as she was witty and always had something good to add to the conversation each night. Mary loved the Owls so much, I hope she is able to visit with Kelly and Jody, I know she would like that very much.

Myself and MODS all over the world are sad to hear that we have lost one of our dearest friends. You will be added to our prayers.
Hugs forever Mary, Ralph 

If you would like to send a card.....
 Jay Ellis, 10015 Carreta Dr, Santee, CA 92071



  1. Ralph: What a lovely tribute. Thank you for speaking so eloquently for so many of us.

  2. Candles, thank you, that was beautiful. Now we have come full circle with one birth and one loss, and - in sharing the depth and breadth of this -
    it feels like we are even closer than ever, both in our joy and in our grief. Hope she is flying
    with owls...little Jody and Kelly by her side.

  3. Thanks Candles for the tribute. We MODS are truly a community and we will miss Mary.

  4. Thank you, Candles. That said it all. Mary, we miss you, but know you are Forever MOD.