Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Poems

Though things may change and loved ones leave, and time takes skills away,
There still are pleasures to be found in living day to day.
The summer sun, the autumn leaves, the birds that sing at dawn.
Good friends to laugh and talk with and remember when they're gone.
A box of chocolate, books to read, a giggly child, a rose.
The stars at night, the piney woods, a teddy bear, new clothes.
Our holidays can still be sweet, old ways blend with the new.
The future's there for us to share, and some dreams do come true.
Though things may change and loved ones leave, the past is ours to see.
And we'll be glad for what we had, and what is still to be.


For a glimpse into the lives of truly wild beings,
For laughter and suspense, for awe and delight.
For getting to know so many kinds of people,
For sharing joys and sorrows, and getting through the night.
For seeing nature's glory, for life and hope and love.
For all kinds of friends and all kinds of families
And dreams of splendid owls, soaring high above.

Cheryl Gordon

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  1. thank you, GardenPoet, for such a beautiful expression straight from you heart to ours!