Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Dear Mods and Moddesses,

Have you begun to notice the disparity in size
between all our little owlets, wondering how
the smaller ones are going to compete for food
amongst their larger, stronger, faster owlmates?

Of course you have.

We have imported our very own Jackie Chan to
train the littlest ones in the secret, known-
to-no-one but Jackie: "DinkyFu!" just to even
up the playing field, give the littler darlin's
more of a competitive edge...

Jackie will be visiting all of the Owl boxes with
Mel and McGee as his assistant Fu'Owls to ensure
that every little owl gets an equal share of his
GopherGutz-with-Guzto meals!

Jackie, before you start, we think our Richard is
being held captive by International Wimmin and we
worry for his safety...

Thank you, Jackie-san, Namaste and Nasty-Say!
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