Friday, March 18, 2011

Action in the Wren's Nest at Gizmomma's House

Papa looks around
Hey, you lookin' at me???

Mama looks around
Two eggs are laid
As you know, I have a pair of Carolina Wrens who have been building a nest in a potted plant on my patio. Actually, Papa has been building the nest for over a week, and he finally finished it a few days ago. It is my understanding that the male wren builds up to 12 nests and offers them to the female, and if she likes a nest and its location, she rebuilds it by adding soft cushiony things to line it with, and then they "get things underway".

I didn't see either Papa or Mama for a couple of days after he finished the nest, and was afraid that Mama didn't like the nest I could see in my potted plant. Then, last night when I came home, I saw Mama sitting in the nest. When I come home, the alarm chimes on the doors, and she gets scared and flies off. Well, when she flew off last night, I took a careful peek in the nest, but there were no eggs yet.

Tonight, when I got home, Mama flew out and I looked and there were 2 eggs!!!! I am so excited that we are going to have baby wrens. I very carefully took a picture without disturbing the nest, and the eggs are speckled and so sweet.

I hope you enjoy this little ride with me. I will keep you posted as we have new developments. Incubation time is 12-15 days, and the baby wrens leave the nest in 16-17 days. They made a nest in a potted corn plant on my patio 2 years ago, and successfully fledged 3 babies. It was so wonderful to watch them wriggle around and get bigger each day. When Mama and Papa would come with food, all you could see were 3 gaping orange beeks fighting for food.

So, now you are up to date on the wrens. Hope you like the photos.

Photos and text by Linda (Gizmomma)

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