Sunday, March 20, 2011



PopiePie, courtesy of LoriG.
RajMahal, courtesy of YumYum.
Owl Box & photo courtesy of Lori G.
Conversation courtesy of eavesdropping.

Little Raj Mahal: "Popie, what up, Dog?!"
Popie: "Little Dude, you were supposed to bring the owls."
Raj: "Nuh-UH! YOU were supposed to!
Popie: "Nuh-UH, I was supposed to bring the gag-shag!"
Raj: "Nuh-UH, I was supposed to bring the gag-shag!"
Popie: "So, where IS it?"
Raj: "Ummm, maybe used it for litter in my cage? Wheek!"
Popie: "That's disgusting! Not to mention we'll never
get any owls now!"
Raj: "So, you go get more while I wait! And while you're
at it, how about some wheatgrass, celery, carrots, lettuce - "
Popie: "Hey, Little Dude, it's ABOUT THE OWL BOX! Not you."
Raj: "Always about me!"
Popie: "Nuh-UH!

And thus, our aspiring owl box owners and entrepeneurs have
not been able to attract owls to broadcast with advertisements
for dog biscuits, cavy cuddle cups (soft beds) and maybe an
arranged marriage for gentleman Popie.

We will keep you apprised of any new developments.

Thanks to Lori G. for this photograph and WE MISS YOU!
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