Monday, July 19, 2010

Carlos & Donna will broadcast Clutch 2 / NOT 24 hours a day Ding!

Donna and I have decided we will just spend our vacation this year in and around San Marcos/San Diego, a beautiful place, and broadcast The Owl Box “Molly’s Second Clutch.” We don’t plan to spend 24 hours a day like we did with the first clutch but you should get plenty of viewing time. Like they say, the first time is special.
I figured that Donna and I we spent over 2,500 hours broadcasting the first clutch. We are not complaining just letting you know it takes more than just plugging in the camera for you to see Molly and McGee. If it goes off the air, which it does, we might not be around to fix the problem right away. Just be patience we will get it back on the air when we return.

1 comment:

  1. Soooo glad to be able to check on Molly even if only for a short time. I certainly will take any amount ot viewing time I can!! Thanks Carlos and Donna for setting this up to see the 2nd clutch!! You are very special people!!