Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey y'all, I'm YumYum, and I'm a NINJA! Ok, here's the deal. I have the unenviable task of being 1Skatr's "handler" and it is getting harder and harder to do my job due to MOD, so here's a guinea pig's definition of MOD:

MOD= When "MOM, STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD!" ( to feed us, love us, play with us, let us get on your lap, we wanna bite you - oops, rewind - we wanna love you) actually is translated - in MOD language - as: "JibberJabberWackyHockeyFavre" which MODS interpret as "stay on as long as you like and ignore us, we're only your family, after all! Who needs love? Who needs food? Watch the owl! What are we, chopped liver or something?"

We herd-mates of the Guinea Pig Nation are now Publicly soliciting other
four-legged definitions of what MOD means to YOUR very own MOD (ALL POINTS BULLETIN OUT TO CUJO!): and, more importantly, are you getting results?

We are fortunate to have a soprano in our midst who can scream "Wheek!"
in high C...ear-splitting! What are the rest of you 4-legged MOD handlers
doing when "STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD" gets no respect?

Sincerely and thank you for unknowingly linking me to your Blog,
hee-hee: "I'M A NINJA - HAY!"

1Skatr's officially Designated by State of Washington "Handler"
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  1. What a positively sweet face! Hoping 1Skatr is feeling much better.

  2. DommyDom has his own definition of a MOD. This is somebody who spends endless hours staring at a rectangular thing (that sometimes makes chirping noises), and makes her hands go tappity tappity tap on the surface of some thingie. I want to bite and destroy that thingie. My Mom, who has become a MOD, is NOT paying enough attention to me, NOT petting me enough, NOT playing with me enough, NOT walking me enough, just not being the PERFECT Mom that she used to be, harrumph! My definition of a MOD includes one more letter MNOD = Mind Not on Dommy! Who cares about anything else? Don't you all know that the world revolves around ME ME ME ?!?! Of course, up in Bellingham, I'll concede that the world revolves around Yum-Yum, Raj, and Taj. That's OK. But down here in Seattle, it's ME, DOMMY!! and don't forget it!

    DommyDom, aka The Boy, aka Dominic, aka The Domster, aka Boo Boo Boy, the list goes on and on...