Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contest to "Name This Barn Owl"

Howdy, Howdy My MODS!

Molly's cousin in Raptor Rehabilitation in Kentucky needs a name! And Eric Blehm, author of "Molly the Owl" is hosting a contest with prizes for winners, including a copy of "Molly the Owl" and Fame which will be emblazoned across the night sky!
O.K. the night sky is just one guinea pig's dream of glory, but the Owl and The Contest ARE REAL, and Eric's got some cool new videos on his site plus lots, lots more...!

So, put on your favorite Molly song and submit your entry (as many as you want, no limits, no fees, no muss, no fuss and Eric will even wash your dishes)
to and win the coolest book EVER!
Tell Everybody and help support Barn Owl Rescue while having fun!

Who loves ya, Baby?
YumYum Loves Ya! HORKS & HISSES!

P.S. Our final installment of "Eric and Yum-Yum's Great Mountain Adventure" coming soon!
Find out whether or not Eric ever called me something more dignified than "Hamster" before our final
descent to sea level.  HINT: let's just say my "anger management" classes paid off and he has no
Blehmishes on his wee ears from...oh, this post is about the Contest! So, NAME THAT OWL!
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