Sunday, September 5, 2010

DECADENCE Means Different Things to Different MODS!

Dear Friends and MODrymen and womens:

We guinea pigs are totally, like, soooo NOT into rat carcasses, and have had heard so much "oooohing & ahhhing"
over the stiffs in the owl box we feel compelled to tell y'all MODS what cavies really want! (this does not
involve rigor mortis, bones, fur, or horks, ya dig?)

The title of this Blog may be "MODS: Friends for Life" but - seriously? Do you really think it's ALWAYS ABOUT YOU?!

Peeps, get real!

We gentle cavy herbivores are not only vegetarians but also java junkies due to our birth here in the Pacific Northwest,
World Capital of Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee, you get the picture.

Henceforth, my next post will openly describe "What Cavies Really Want" courtesy of Molly the Barn Owl and we hope
that you will get back to us on your adventures whilst "Passing the Word!"
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