Thursday, September 16, 2010

Owlet Treats and Happenings Sep 15 / 16

Treats for Owlets

Chat provided these Food Factz:

"McGee 8:30pm mouse; Molly 12:37 rat; Molly 12:45 mouse; Molly 2:16 BIG rat. Molly 2:31 rat; McGee 2:33 rat; Molly has reshuffled and regifted treats earlier; Carrie ate whole regifted rat."

And from our intrepid reporter:

"ChocoMare for RodentiaNet–Rodents were on high alert to the Great Talons O’The Night as, once again, Six of their species went missing:  McGee 1 mouse & 1 Wood Rat- Molly 3 Wood Rats & 1 Mouse."

Two Fluffs, One Face


LoneStar in chat provided this information:

"KOWL Overnight News: Visitor female owl on the fledge ledge; Molly flew by twice, then knocked it off; it flew; Molly made one more pass. This was around 1:10am"

And from ChocoMare:

"ChocoMare for KOWL-01:10 An unidentified female owl came to the fledge ledge. Molly flew by twice, then knocked it off! In between Molly played 2 rounds of Rodent Reshuffle resulting in Carrie gulping rat"

Snuggle Sisters

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