Saturday, September 18, 2010

Owlet Treats Sep 17 / 18

From the good people in chat:

"McGee at 8:16, 9:30, 12mt; ~Molly 11:51; 1:20; 1:35  ~5 mice, 1 larger rodent; one GLOWZ made an appearance, no regifting tonight, misty in San Marcos"

Owlets sitting under camera, out of view this morning. Suspected to be running with scissors, playing with matches, picking beaks, and bouncing on the bed.


  1. Yummy! and no food games either....

  2. I'm glad that they were out of sight while getting into mischief. Otherwise we might worry. Me thinks that perhaps they might have cut their own bangs with those scissors. What child hasn't sneaked off and done that??