Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forget Me Not!

Here's my first post. I know. It took me a while.
The poem below is by an anonymous author.
My mother had a two volume set of poetry books titled, "Heart Throbs."
It was originally published in 1920's or '30's.
I thought about the poem this morning when I woke up to the news that
Carrie is out of the box today.
May all of Molly and McGee's owlets fly free!
May we always remember Dudley, Kelly and Jody.
May we all get one more peek of Ashley and Carrie.

Forget Me Not
When to the flowers so beautiful
The Father gave a name,
There came a little blue-eyed one
All timidly it came
And standing at the Father’s feet,
And gazing into His face,
It said with low and timid voice,
And yet with gentle grace,
"Dear Lord, the name thou gavest me,
Alas, I have forgot.”
The Father kindly looked on him
And said, “Forget-Me-Not.”


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