Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Heads and Two Legs Make One Horkin'Stork!

Thank you, Kilkenny Cat, for this beautiful glimpse into our owlets performing their favorite Yoga "Tree Pose" using gag-shag instead of a fancy yoga mat! When you have one another to lean on, all things are possible...Yowlginis Carrie and Ashley in
"Vrksanana" (and they even know how to pronounce That!)
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  1. Note that they always stand on different feet. With parrots, the one who stands on the left foot is right-footed, and the one who stands on the right foot is left-footed (somewhat more common). They use the raised foot for delicate tasks like holding food. I don't know how owls use their feet, though. But they are very consistent about which one they stand on.

  2. Please share more with us...we have all been fascinated by this since first observing Molly during First Clutch, during which time we were all convinced that she had hurt her other foot! Such naive fools we were so long ago...