Monday, October 18, 2010

bye bye molly ..... the one made by raggy rat !

no more will I gaze upon this hand-sticked plumage ...

or see this charming face peeping out at me from all manner of places ...

gone is the guardian of books and children small ...

and so molly got one last hug, and was sent on her way, across the pond ...

then we were lucky enough to be given these - oh dear, those don't look very nice!

but these odd objects were in fact some owl pellets found in the wild, and contained delicate treasures ....

and then molly arrived at her new home, safe and sound, her new perch looks just right !


  1. such a lovely homage to molly... i will cherish her always!

  2. Lucky, lucky you Andrea! Such a lovely representation of Molly, plus it appears that she received a lot of love before taking her journey "across the pond". I do hope that this version of Molly didn't have to fly all on her own. That would be one very tired owl! I trust that she caught a ride in the comfy underbelly of a big airplane (or took a leisurely cruise aboard a luxury ship??). Does this mean that you are going to start on another owl soft sculpture? perhaps McGee? Dudley? (ha ha), Austin (the owl, not the human), Carrie? One can always hope!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. thank you friends and MODS alike, i will bw making another owl soon .... :-) waiting for aome harris tweed to arrive that I can go to town on !