Monday, October 11, 2010

Dr. House Contemplates Carrie Not Fully Flying and Snatching Treats!

This is a complicated case and only one doctor (who loves a MOD whose name we
won't mention) can solve the riddle of Carrie's complex reluctance to fledge fully...
Fear not, for the best diagnostician is soooo ON IT! Carrie will soon fly and be
eating her way into full adulthood before we can say "Nutria"!

Dr. House, thank you from the MOD nation. We salute your noble efforts on behalf
of Carlos and Donna so they actually can leave, knowing all their babies are 
fully grown and independent! (Although the jury is still out on Wesleigh...?)

We are grateful you love owls like you love the un-nameable MOD: sigh...awww...
CD3: Away with Thee! "And place Tielfeathers under immediate surveillance!"

"And hire Dr. Kestra to replace what's her name!"

The Editor would remove this except the Editor doesn't want to!
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  1. I't good to have connections - House is the MAN!!

  2. KESTRA is now an official doctor on Team HOUSE! DING!

  3. Ah, hmmm.... why, I think that you have one minor detail incorrect about House's object of affection. It's ME ME ME. I thought we already had this established. Do I have to have another little chat with skatrpie??? Sometimes she is not the sharpest tool in the shed --- I mean her self proclaimed nickname is "Stupis" right? and misspelled at that!

    That being cleared up, I have to say that Dr. House (and perhaps Dr. Kestra if she accepts the position) have their diagnostician skills challenged when it comes to these owls. Thankfully Carrie is showing signs of improvement in the flight department. Hopefully that will continue. Poor ol' Wesleigh - now that's another situation, perhaps not easily explained. Oh well. Keep on working at it doc(s). The situation will eventually become as clear as mud no doubt. Until then, keep those rodents coming Molly & McGee. Carrie needs a bit more food so she can get those flying muscles toned up!

    Respectfully submitted (NOT!).

  4. Clear as mud! You make us laugh, DommyDom'sMom!

  5. Keep me under surveillance? HA!! House is keeping me under surveillance, so all is good at my "house".