Friday, October 15, 2010

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

Dear MODS,

Tonight please allow me to share the joy of walking for the first time in two years after countless "neurological specialists" assured me in soothing tones that I would only get worse. Today, I returned  to the wildlife refuge where I lived before having to move into Bellingham ("The City of Subdued Excitement") due to increasing disability, when I first turned to Molly's Owl Box for Nature consolation...

Before the cams fall dark, I felt compelled to pull out my mountain trekking poles and revisit my beloved Wildlife Refuge, walking trails as familiar as old friends I never dreamt of seeing again...the whole time meditating on the wondrous miracles we have all experienced together as MODS:  something happened here that no Ambassador, President, Diplomat, or meeting of the United Nations could have pulled off. Strangers of all sizes, shapes, colors, faiths, and backgrounds from different parts of the country -  oh, the world! - came together supporting, loving, and saving each another and - in the process - our own selves, through pure, selfless love. Love for it's own sake, nothing more, nothing less, everything More, Everything BEST!

This experience has beautified my Soul for I have glimpsed Heaven on Earth... and nothing can ever take this KNOWING away from today I walked, Floating effortlessly upon the wings of my MOD angels.
Whether or not I will walk again tomorrow matters little: You lifted me up and flew me back "Home" to the Magical Woods where I once communed nightly with a barred owl whilst standing in cross-country skis beneath his bare tree in the moonlit snow...

You lifted me up today, enfolding me safely beside the roaring crush of emerald, glacier-fed waterfalls where I stood upon a stone bridge and wept. Being a MOD - to me - means I have been blanketed in Grace Divine: not religion! not belief! nothing remotely debatable:  you saved my life then returned it to me having rekindled
the Wonder and Laughter of an innocent child, one I never knew before...yet MODS ask nothing in return, giving freely, all of us Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud together: Even Stupis gets it now!

So! Only a few short days before the curtain falls, we "once-strangers" find  ourselves inexplicably woven
together in a bedazzling quilt entitled: ForeverFriends. We Are FAMILY! I GOT ALL MY MODS HERE WITH ME!

As Louis Armstrong loved to sing, "What a wonder-full world..."


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  1. Lovely, absolutely lovely. No truer words have been said about this wonderful experience of The Owl Box: great friendships have been forged, many laughs generated, and a few tears shed. As is often said, "It's All Good". Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this. Hopefully we will experience an encore performance next year. If not, so be it. It will make this year all the more special and spectacular. So many thanks to all the players involved, especially Carlos & Donna, Austin (Awesome Austin and his Delightful DVD), Eric, Vacadude, Chris Adams, all the MODs, and of course Molly, McGee, & all of the Owlets (plus a few other little critters and MANY members of the rodent family whose lives were sacrificed for the greater good!). I'm one very happy person to have had the pleasure of seeing nature at it's best.

    Much obliged. :-D

  2. ((((1skatr)))))

    You are part of what made the owlbox so special for me.

  3. For once I am totally speechless. You are the kind of person and the type of person of why I never give up and never stop fighting my Muscular Dystrophy.
    I will fight it until a cure is found. Thank you for being you and NEVER stop your fight.

  4. Yvonne, your words are too kind, but it takes a village to help me keep that light from growing faint, to hold hope in another's heart and have that friend return it to me when I am able to believe in Life becoming Kind again. I am not a role model, you are. All of us who hold one another keep one another aloft. I have done it alone. Didn't care for it. I was homeless at the time. But I met someone so much worse off in the middle of the night...she had been a first responder at an explosion that killed 3 children here. I was the first person she described it to. She gave me courage, was that a chance meeting? This is what makes Life kind. Thank you for being a feather in my wing.
    Please allow me to be a feather in yours.

  5. Chana: I'm sitting here, completely and totally choked up... Through all that you've gone through, you always find something bright to say, despite the darkness that must hover over you. Thinking of you, revisiting the wilds that nourish your soul. Just breathtaking. YOU are an inspiration, and I'm proud to know you. Keep on rockin' You da (wo)man!

  6. Dearest Chana, What A BLESSINGHAM You Are ! So Special ! (Know It!- and Never Forget it !) You have Changed My World.! Can Hardly Wait to See what You and The DR. Bring us Next Clutch> > >L.O.V.E.-* Your Neighbor, Yahoooorose ! ( I Have MS , But MS does NOT HAVE ME ! Period. Ever.)

  7. Connie/E and ShortsOctober 18, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    ((((((SKATR)))).....I'm so glad you proved those specialists wrong!!!!!!....Hork on them!!!

    Chance meetings??? I believe those are set up meetings from help push you along :) :)

    Love ya Skatr you are truly an inspiration :)

  8. Connie/E and Shorts: HORK ON THEM! YEAH! Gonna do that! They just bum me out and deserve a well-tempered HORK! Are meetings set up by God to help push us along? O! Indeed. As illness blesses us with deeper compassion and insight into the suffering of others, we are also Graced with the unexpected opportunity for MIRACLES: why it all good, it all good! Thank you all for so much LOVE!
    (((MODS:Friends for LIFE!)))
    Blessingham< Hee-Hee, love it!