Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby MacNutPie Piggie Cries Out for Carrie

Dear Friends,

Good-byes and farewells are never easy but newly adopted little "Mac-NutPie" (named after Carl and Janie Partridge with help from Kestra sent us a fresh Macadamia Nut Pie all the way from Kona, Hawaii!) is taking this last night especially hard.

He has been listening to Carrie and Ashley since he was adopted and cannot bear the thought of a night without Horks and Hissing and mom taping her credit card with duct tape before freezing it in an ice cube to avoid the sales at Cafe Press.

You humans aren't the only ones delighting in barn owls...we have been lulled to sleep through 2 clutches!  Tonight, Little MacNut is taking refuge with White Sheep for comfort...the rest of you will have Friday Molly Movie Nights,  but what of we rodents?  We plan to adopt a site of our own: perhaps watching Robbie Preece's preggers scorpion give birth on UStream before devouring her 60 little darlin's one by one on cam...
Hey, it's not like the "Night of the LIVE Easter Wabbit!"
I mean, really, who saw that coming?! BLOODY HORK! 

...yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away...(unless you were the Easter Wabbit)

Who gonna miss ya, MODS? Like crazy...

YumYum & Mac-Nut Pie Piggie loves YA's...sniff...sniff.

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  1. Love you, yumyum and your friends there, too. Baby macnut thingy looks so big!Giant g-pig breed?

  2. Kes, HE thinks so...we do not agree! He half our size but trying to sniff our butts and boss us around! Little Runt! But he helping mom with losing cams in the owl box, so guess it O.K.
    ...sigh...little runt!