Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Will Remember You

Dear Friends,

Upon this bridge, at the Refuge, I will remember you. While feeding our growing herd of Count Guinea Pigulas, I will remember you.

Upon giving thanks for each new day, I will remember you. And when spring comes and Molly hops happily back into her Owl Box for Clutch 3, YumYum and I will annoy, vex, exasperate, ruffle, tease, bother, and create tumultuous turmoil upon the Social Scream, PROMISE!  Will we behave? NEVAH!

Papa: Gonna Get YOU, too! Just ask little "Mac-Nut Pie-Thingy Pig!" He so cute & don't know who y'are yet, but chatters his teeth chirping: "Yeah, Papa, gonna GET HIM, gonna GET HIM GOOD! Is breakfast READY?! What's a mac-nut pie and why I got such a long name? WhEEeeeeeeeK! At least Papa don't call me a hamster!" And MamaPie sent us all matching Hawaiian muumus! We wrapped ourselves up in them like Pigs 'n a Blanket and OMG! Positively stunning in fuscia, dahling...even the cockatiels at the spa
were singing: "Pretty Piggies! Pretty Piggies!" OH, MAKE ME STOP IT! 

Who Loves Ya, Baby?
YumYum Loves Ya!
Who loves 1StupiSkatrPie?
Hugh Laurie, "Dr. House" and, make no mistake, we shall defend our claim to the vexing doctor without mercy!
                                                                    * * * * * * * * * * *
(photo of CCC built stone bridge at Whatcom Falls by 1SkatrPie)
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  1. Well EXCUSE ME!!! Dr. House and YOU?! Me thinks not! He definitely has eyes for ME. ME ME ME! I thought we had this settled. Apparently not. Anyway, as we winter over wherever we choose to be, 1StupiSkatrPie & I will continue to battle it out over our fave doctor. After all, I have known skatr for 12+ years already and know a few ways to get under her skin, so-to-speak (just kidding). It's all fun, this comradeship we have going.

    I will carry forward many great memories of Molly, McGee, et al throughout my daily tasks. My Molly mugs make the coffee taste better, the t-shirts are the most comfy, the fantastic hat fits the best, and the 2 calendars will keep me always on the right date! Of course, I will look forward to next spring, waiting with bated breath (yes, I DO eat fish) for the arrival of Molly & McGee and the beginning of a new family. Meanwhile, I'll cuddle up with a good book, DommyDom at my side, AND catch up on my sleep, while dreaming of owls! (after Oct. 20th that is).

    I look forward to continued posts on this MOD blog -- always a source of fun and laughter. Perhaps I'll start posting too!

  2. Skatr
    I ALWAYS look forward to what your beautiful brain has in store for us next, it's such a treat reading what comes from it. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this 2nd Clutch and definitly looking forward to the 3rd Clutch in the Spring with you. Your humor is always needed and welcomed, and your intelligence is highly appreciated. Now you know what to expect for the 3rd clutch, so no more scares for you, and no need to have to calm you down. Now you can help me calm others down, LOL. Please stay in touch and continue to share your beautiful writings.