Saturday, May 21, 2011

ArtGirl's Birthday and The New Daily Hork! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Boy, ya just nevah know what gonna happen next in the mad, mad world of MODS! 
Lovely Lashes and Creative ArtGirl birthdayZ to celebrate this week, another prestigous award for Chris and Eric's Molly the Owl book & we STILL enjoying our favorite widdle Hoarsy-Owl sit atop the owlbox with his siblings hissing until tasty morsels of rodentia are delivered by M&M:  instead of flying north with mom and pop back to their midnight hunting grounds for hunting lessons, little Hoarsy-Owlet still popping back INTO the owlbox, like the front door of a chocolate factory you just can't leave, no matter how hard you (don't) try... Friday Molly Night at the Movies gettin' better and better thanks to Kestra and SactoLashes, and our newest MOD< CAR! Yes, of "Carrie Needs Coffee" fame has found her true niche amongst us Black Sheep MODS who reside together in the Asylum - Quirks and Quarks all mixed together in a quantum mechanical soup o'CRAZY! YEAH, BABY, dat's us! READ  may be the lucky winner of nuttin' and don't that feel good?!

Who loves ya, baby? YumYum loves ya, that's who!
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  1. what the he*l are you doing up at 1:18 am?


    Okay - we'll BOTH go to bed now!

    Happy Birthday ARTGIRL!

  2. we dunno but we'z payin' the toll to da troll today, fa sure!