Monday, May 30, 2011

Richard Engel Reporting from The FRONT LINES!

It's O.K. Richard, we already knew what you are just now don't need to report it, here's a hanky, now take a day off to hang out at your favorite spa in Benghazi, you'll feel better soon...we are all disappointed, but Trilly went to the SqueakOlogist for an Otolaryngological
Tour of Duty...Brave Trilly!
We'll get through this have a wife who loves you very much.
And she has HAD IT WITH WEATHERMAN PETE MERTZ! Not that she ever liked him to begin with.  She bought a weather taxi to take him Away! (and yet, he continues to return...Pete, what's the weather like in Libya these days?) Richard, there's a camel with your name on it...forget Trilly, we will get through this...
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