Saturday, May 21, 2011

And... It's Lashes, by a Nose!

I know Mom and Dad will make us fledge soon. But always remember...
what happens in Carlos's backyard, stays in Carlos's backyard!

Congratulations to lashesOOO for her big caption contest win this week! Should we chalk it up to lashes having accumulated one more year of wisdom?

The Molly Movie Night crew were at their creative best as they put word to the screen shot of the third clutch owlets who refuse to leave the comforts of the owl box for the great beyond. Here are the other finalists:

Maxwell: " I need a mouse."
Maxine: "I need a massage."
Maks: "I need a drink."

Dad calls us the "Owletgeneration." We say it's not Our Fault the Owlconomy is so bad. (gmarch53)

WHOOOOO needs to hunt when we can get home deliveries dropped off!!!

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