Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Help for Orphaned Eaglets

Support the Norfolk Eagles

If you know about the Norfolk Eagles where  the mother eagle was hit by a plane a few weeks back and the eaglets were relocated from the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to the Wildlife Center of Virginia, please consider supporting both those organizations now. There are involved in a contest through Chase Community Giving on Facebook where they could win up to $500,000 for their non-profit organization. The voting ends on 5/25 at midnight, and the closer to first place the organization is, the more money they get. 

Please consider voting if you are on Facebook. You get to vote for 5 different organizations, so you can vote for both the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and  the Wildlife Center of Virginia.


  1. Just type the name Norfolk Botanical or Wildlife Center into the "search for charities" box and you will see the charities you want. Have fun!

  2. YES I will, KES