Sunday, May 29, 2011

an art event where raggy rat cat makes another barn owl ...

The first weekend of ARTWEY! Quick, grab that camera, and snap the first visitors!

It might be cheating asking Daisy to sign the book, but my girls really enjoyed the display too ...

Steam punk goat is here for a little while longer, then he goes off for big adventures ... he is very much admired by those he meets ...

'I'll take this please,' says Mary, about her own dog-on-wheels!

spot any familiar faces?

Here is the Cat, at work on Barn Owl soft sculpture number 4 ...

The fuzzies even start to ask all the kinds of questions that my visitors do. Then they go one better, and turn up with fake money, to buy me out!

Do come and see us next weekend, won't you?


  1. Must be nice to have talent. I wouldn't know anything about it. Great work!

  2. Raggy Rat, as we tally things, you have made three magnificent barn owls and how many cavies? Not complaining, what we wouldn't give to have your beautiful creations living here with us, but just remember we wee ones loves ya, too, and congrats on such beautiful work and sharing it with us!